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How To Get Into The Duke MBA Program

August 13, 2021
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Part 1. IntroductionPart 2. About the Duke MBA Program Part 3. Level of Competition Part 4. Requirements and How to ApplyPart 5. Top Tips on How to Get Into the Duke MBA Program Part 6. FAQsPart 7. Conclusion


The Duke Fuqua School of Business’s MBA program is an excellent addition to any motivated, inquisitive professional’s education. An MBA from Duke provides students with insight into the business fundamentals and critical thinking necessary to reach the next level of your professional education. This article will go over how best to prepare your Duke MBA application so that you take your first steps into this new stage of your career development with your best foot forward.

Duke’s MBA admissions committee wants more than a test-taking machine in their program; they want a free-thinking student who strives to use their business knowledge to improve the world around them. The key to getting into the Duke MBA program is to set yourself apart in both your experience and your personality. Along with this, you need to demonstrate to the admissions committee that if they accept you, you will be an excellent addition to the program while you complete your degree and through what you accomplish after graduation.

About the Duke MBA Program 

The Duke Fuqua School of Business strives to present its MBA students with a thorough, comprehensive education in a more immersive, more collaborative, more diverse environment. The Duke MBA prioritizes a welcoming atmosphere because MBA students at Duke are encouraged to become an integral part of the overall campus experience.

The Fuqua School of Business is not only invested in delivering to you the best business education; it also wants you to explore how you can positively influence the experiences of other students around you. 

Going along with the theme of variety and inclusion, Duke offers different formats to its MBA degree so that each student can ensure more of their individual educational needs are met. You can enroll in the (standard) Daytime MBA, the Accelerated Daytime MBA, the more specific Global Executive MBA, or the Weekend Executive MBA if your schedule is a bit more full. It is worth noting that Executive MBAs tend to gear curriculum towards a more experienced student base already in leadership roles. Each program endows you with all the necessary learning to succeed as a business executive, so Duke’s reason for offering these different MBAs is to ensure that students can make the most of their MBA experience.   

No matter which degree iteration you choose, you’ll find that an MBA from Duke Fuqua is a beneficial credential to obtain. US News ranks the Duke Fuqua School of Business as the twelfth best business school, even putting it ahead of the Johnson School of Management at the prestigious Ivy-League Cornell University.

Duke finds further excellence in the Marketing specialty category, ranking fifth out of all business schools. Indeed, the Duke Fuqua School of Business makes its excellence and prestige apparent not only by holding its name highly but by presenting its students with a professional education worthy of acclaim.  

All of these good things to say about Duke’s MBA do not come from naught. The Duke Fuqua School of Business holds to the principles on which it was founded. Duke emphasizes the importance of actions, not words, in the world of business. Identifying the incredible impact that proper business practices can have on the world, Duke Fuqua strives to serve as an example to its students. Included in the Duke Fuqua School of Business mission statement is an acknowledgment of  “an obligation to serve as role models for [its] students in demonstrating what an organization can look like when it lives its values, even as [it] prepares them to be inclusive leaders.”

By exemplifying the principles on which the institution stands, the Duke Fuqua School of Business stands out as a place of learning that enables its students to reach their potential. 

Level of Competition

Getting into Duke’s MBA program does not come without its challenges and considerations. Given its prestigious reputation, backed up by its high standing among ranking institutions, applicants to Duke’s MBA should keep in mind that the program attracts some of the best prospective graduate students every year. That being said, the class profile of Duke’s admitted students speaks for itself.

The middle 80% of students in the daytime MBA program had an undergraduate GPA range of 3.07 to 3.86 and had a GMAT range of 660 to 740. While these expectations reflect a competitive atmosphere for aspiring Duke MBAs, they also show that test scores are not everything to the admissions committee. Applicants with high GMAT scores and impressive GPAs are not the only in-roads to the Duke Fuqua School of Business. 

Another enticing aspect of the Duke MBA class, one that stands to benefit prospective MBAs both when they apply and during their studies, is the variation in the past work experiences of applicants.

level of comp.
Graphic by Duke

As you can see, there is no one professional track that leads to being accepted into the Duke MBA; you can come from virtually any type of background and still find a place as a Duke MBA student. The Duke Fuqua School of Business strives to create the next wave of innovative, inclusively-minded business leaders. Becoming this kind of leader requires a multi-faceted mindset and an enterprising attitude. 

To excel in the Duke Fuqua School of Business’s MBA program, you do not need to have the highest education credentials or come from any specific career track in any particular sector. You need to demonstrate that your approach to becoming a remarkable professional involves an open mind and an ability to recognize the opportunities around you, wherever they may be.

You cannot illustrate these kinds of values from a well-formatted resume or a glistening test record. Through your letters of recommendation, your essay, and your interview, you must show the admissions committee that you are the kind of person who will adapt to and embrace obstacles and remain focused on your motivations for success. 

Requirements and How to Apply

To apply to the Duke Fuqua School of Business’s MBA program, you will need each component of a complete application: 

  • Transcripts.
  • 1-page business resume.
  • Letter of recommendation (you have the option to submit two).
  • Test scores. 
  • The required application essays.
  • The application fee.

Applications are only reviewed once every document is accounted for, so ensure that you are prepared to produce all of these for your application. As far as the test scores go, Fuqua accepts test scores from the GRE, GMAT, or Executive Assessment (EA).

Every institution tends to incorporate its own takes on admissions essays, and the Duke MBA program does not differ. Duke expects you to write one short response and two full-length essays. The short response is limited to 500 characters, which equates to about 100 words. The two essays are both allowed to be two pages at the maximum.

The current short answer question asks you to describe your goals following your time at Duke, and the essays ask for “25 random things about you” and how you plan to interact with the broader Fuqua community if accepted. Even knowing the essay question does not ensure that you understand how best to answer each prompt, so if you feel some doubt regarding your essay-writing, pursue some articles on how to write a great MBA application essay.

To get started applying to the Duke MBA, you’ll need to activate an account with the student portal. Once that is done, you can begin to compile all the necessary aspects of your application, which you can start and stop at any time. Make sure to review Duke Fuqua’s application instructions to ensure that you aren’t missing any steps or required materials. Ascertaining that your application is complete can be daunting and disorienting, but MBA application consultations can be an excellent way to gain some extra confidence that you’re submitting your best application.

Once you get all of your documents together and your essays are complete and compelling, you can submit your application and then check its status from your student portal. If your application is well-received, you’ll be invited to schedule an interview with a member of the admissions committee. After the interview, you just have to wait for your decision, and once you get that, you’re ready to start planning for your new life in North Carolina!

Top Tips on How to Get Into the Duke MBA Program

Getting into the Duke Fuqua School of Business is not simply a matter of presenting the admissions committee with spotless transcripts and impressive letters of recommendation. It is essential to stay mindful of the best practices for producing the best business school application you can if you want to make the Duke MBA program the next step in your professional development.

1. Make a plan of attack around important dates and deadlines.

The first crucial step to creating the application that will get you accepted is being deliberate about your time management. You have already been made aware of the application requirements at Duke Fuqua, but you also need to be cognizant of application deadlines. Indeed, the quickest way to set your application up for failure is to submit it too late. Once you know the time parameters within which you’re working, you can plan how to complete your application within the available amount of time.

Along with this, your application will have a better chance of being complete and compelling if you spend the maximum amount of time you can muster working on it. Start working on your application early. This will allow you to set a pace that works for your schedule and attention style and it’s better to finish your application early rather than late.

2. Know what you want to get out of your experience as a Duke MBA. 

The admissions committee at Duke wants to admit motivated students into its MBA program, but it also wants to know why they are motivated. After all, the admissions committee wants to feel secure that you feel confident in your choice to pursue the Duke MBA and that you have valid and sustainable reasons for doing so. This tip is most relevant to your essays, as they are your chance to use your own words to impart information of this type, but your motivations should echo through your whole application.

Confidence in your choice to attend the Duke Fuqua School of Business will not only instill confidence in others that you intend to see your studies through; it will also reflect a determined and self-assured attitude on your part. One good way to demonstrate your drive to get into the Duke MBA program, and one that Duke actively expresses interest in, is to convey in your application how you plan on interacting with the community of fellow Duke students. The admissions committee wants more from their MBA students than someone who will come to class, complete assignments, and leave.

They want someone who will help improve the atmosphere of the Duke Fuqua campus by being a well-rounded part of the community, so communicate how you will do this in your application, and you’ll certainly look better to the admissions committee.

3. Present clear goals for your career trajectory, and demonstrate how you will see them to fruition.

The admissions committee at Duke knows well that, just as you have a past that has led you to Duke’s MBA, you also have aspirations for your future that said degree could help you accomplish. Make it clear how a Duke MBA will play a role in your professional future. If you do this, it will communicate to the admissions committee that you’re in it for the long haul.

Additionally, you’ll reveal why you’re a strong applicant because the more you accomplish after your time at Duke, the better it will reflect on the institution and the education it provides. This information certainly belongs in some capacity within your application essays; they allow for more personal verification of your drive for success and permit you to explain in-depth why a Duke MBA is a crucial step in your career plan.

4. Be genuine.

It is easy for MBA applicants to get caught up trying to polish their image for their application. Your best chance at getting into the Duke Fuqua School of Business’ MBA program does not lie within arbitrary efforts to come across as someone you’re not. Your best chance for admittance lies within your ability to convey to the admission committee your authentic, unique experiences and how they helped shape you into the professional you are today.

Focus on that word: unique. Remind yourself throughout your efforts to complete your MBA application that you are the only applicant they’ll see that has your experience, insight, and personality. Don’t present yourself as yet another applicant that wants to show they fit in the “perfect student” mold. You fit in your own mold. Own that fact and remember that Duke has just as much reason to want you in their program as you do to be in it.


1. Should I apply for Early Action?

Early Action is a way to get your admittance decision earlier, but it comes with its considerations. If you are admitted in Early Action, you automatically commit to attending Fuqua for your MBA and must withdraw all of your other applications once you receive your acceptance. By applying for Early Action, you’re essentially saying that attendance to the Duke MBA program gets priority over all other programs for which you might apply.

So, suppose you have done plenty of research on MBA programs and feel quite sure that attending the Duke Fuqua School of Business is the best-case scenario for your education. In that case, Early Action could be an excellent option to expedite your application.

2. Does Fuqua accept transfer credits?

The general answer regarding transfer credits is that Duke Fuqua will not accept them. However, this does not mean you are doomed to repeat course material. Most of the core courses that Duke offers provide exemption exams at the beginning of each academic term for students that can prove they are familiar with the topics covered in said class. You can also request an “administrative exemption” based on past coursework, but this is a more complicated process. Bear in mind that exemption from a course does not change the number of credits required to graduate with an MBA, so any form of exemption will not result in a faster degree track.

3. How does Fuqua go about its interview process?

Firstly, be aware that all applicants can schedule an interview during the “Open Interview Period.” Once the open interview period has concluded, interviews will be conducted by invitation only.  Take this into account while you plan when you submit your application and whether you feel like the open interview period will work for your schedule. You might be interviewed by a staff member of the admissions committee, an alum, or an Admission Fellow, and Fuqua insists that your interview will be valued the same no matter who interviews you.

The last piece of crucial information is that your interviewer will have a copy of your resume on hand, but will not have read your application, so be ready to explain a lot about your experience and your aspirations and to do so completely. This is no easy task, so if you feel unsure about representing yourself in an admissions interview best, you might explore a mock interview for some practice.

4. What do I need to know if I’m an international student?

For one, if you’re an international applicant, you should keep in mind that Duke advises against applying in Round 3. Because the visa process can take multiple months, Round 3 is too close to the academic term for which you’d be applying, considering that you may not have your visa by the time you’re accepted to Duke. In addition to this, international students should also be aware that Duke Fuqua does not take any ESL test scores to determine English competence.

Instead, the admissions committee assesses each international applicant’s English ability by evaluating certain parts of the application, such as the essays. In light of this, you must write coherently and correctly, not just to show good communication skills but also to demonstrate your English-speaking abilities.

5. Is the Accelerated Daytime MBA the right program for me?

There are several things to consider when determining which MBA program is best for your learning style and schedule. That being said, you must also fulfill some specific requirements to be accepted into the accelerated program. 

You must have completed one of the following degrees:

  • A Master of Management Studies (MMS) degree from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business
  • A Master in Management (MiM) degree or equivalent from an accredited graduate business school
  • A one-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from an accredited graduate business school

Additionally, you must have completed the following courses, or course equivalents, during your graduate business program:

  • Managerial Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Probability/Statistics
  • Strategy
  • Financial Management/Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management

If this situation applies to you, then the other important consideration is whether or not the rigor and quicker pace of the Accelerated Daytime MBA would benefit you or be feasible for your lifestyle. Attaining an MBA degree is by no means an easy feat, so to attempt to do it in a shorter amount of time and a more academically demanding structure is undoubtedly an ambitious undertaking.

6. Can I specialize in my Daytime MBA degree?

Fuqua offers its MBA students the option to select a concentration for their professional education. Students can personalize their course emphases with one or two concentrations to represent their career goals and background better. Examples of Duke Fuqua MBA concentrations include Energy & Environment, Financial Technology, Marketing, and Social Entrepreneurship.

As you can see, there is plenty of variety in what specializations you can introduce into your Duke education. Remember that degree concentrations can present challenges, so don’t select a specialization simply because it sounds impressive; choose one if you’re genuinely interested in the subject of the concentration.


The Duke Fuqua School of Business is certainly an enticing option for any motivated student seeking a graduate degree that future employers and colleagues will respect. The Duke MBA boasts an integrated and expansive campus experience, a well-rounded collection of courses from which to pick, and an educational attitude that seeks to find the best that each student can offer.

As you begin your efforts to get into the Duke MBA program, remain mindful of the requirements of a complete application, when you have to submit by, and what aspects of your character are most worth exemplifying to the Duke admissions committee. Succeeding at Duke is similar to being accepted to Duke in that there is no one right way to realize this success.

Have a good idea of which of your strengths would be most attractive to the admissions committee, and highlight them as what makes you a unique applicant. Duke is looking to you to demonstrate your own plans for success, because no one knows better than you how your academic and professional success should look. If you feel sure that the Duke MBA is the right next move for your education and career, then stay focused on your goals, remain diligent in your construction of your best application, and trust that you have just as much to offer Duke as it has to offer you.

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