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All About The NYU Stern Part Time MBA Program

August 31, 2021
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Part 1. IntroductionPart 2. About NYU Stern Part Time MBA ProgramPart 3. Requirements & How to ApplyPart 4. Benefits of NYU Stern Part Time MBA ProgramPart 5. FAQsPart 6. Conclusion


NYU Stern is conveniently located in downtown Manhattan, an area widely known to be a global center for international finance, politics, entertainment, and culture. Stern is also considered one of the top business schools globally and has been ranked as such many times recently. Stern’s MBA program has established a reputation of being incredibly flexible for several reasons.

Historically, the school has been more relaxed regarding its standards for acceptance into its MBA program. Compared to some other New York business schools, Stern tends to keep their test score expectations relatively low. Stern places less importance on the specifics of where an applicant has worked. As a result, this school typically attracts students that have a more relaxed approach to their MBA.

NYU Stern is also flexible in terms of what it offers when it comes to its MBA programs. Stern provides a unique opportunity for students to complete a full time MBA with a specialized focus on tech or fashion and luxury. If you are interested in completing a traditional MBA at NYU Stern, you may choose from their full time, executive, or part time programs. Stern provides this customizable experience to accommodate the different lifestyles of their applicants.

They fully understand that everyone is navigating slightly different steps along their career paths. For those that have worked less than five years, Stern’s full time MBA would probably be the best choice. Those who have already been working for longer than this, or those who already hold leadership or senior roles at their job, might consider applying to the executive MBA. 

However, for those who want to take advantage of an opportunity to complete their MBA without pausing their working career, the part time option would be most suitable. NYU Stern’s part time MBA allows students to maintain their working schedule while completing MBA courses during the intermittent times they are available.

NYU Stern’s part time MBA has advantages and disadvantages; however, if you have felt concerns or doubts about leaving the workforce for two years to pursue an MBA, this particular route might be of interest to you. Read on to find out more about what Stern NYU’s part time MBA program entails, what its benefits are, as well as how to apply and get accepted into this prestigious program.

About NYU Stern Part-Time MBA Program

A Flexible Array of Options

If you choose to take NYU Stern’s part time path to undertake your MBA, there are many ways to do this. The program is adaptable in terms of how many courses you can take each semester, which gives you the option to complete your studies at a comfortable pace within a six-year timeframe.

This route contrasts their full time program, which must follow a defined two-year schedule. There are multiple class formats to choose from, so finding a class schedule that can coexist with your work schedule is relatively simple. Stern offers their part time students a weeknight option with 12-week-long semesters in fall and spring, with courses held from 6 - 9 pm one night a week. 

In contrast, the summer session is split into two six-week semesters that have classes held two nights a week. You must select either a Monday/Wednesday or a Tuesday/Thursday schedule in the first two semesters. However, it is possible to change your schedule and choose alternative nights once you’ve completed your first two semesters.

The Saturday option uses the same semester breakdown, but the main difference is that classes are held from either 9 am -12 pm or 1- 4 pm on Saturdays. Once again, you will be required to wait two semesters before changing up your schedule, but once you’ve done so, you may even alternate between weekends and weeknights.

Offered Courses & Specializations for Part Time Students

The core curriculum offered to Stern’s cohort of part time students has been designed with the primary intention of “giving broad-based exposure to all key areas of business.” Core classes such as Foundations of Finance, Leadership in Organizations, and Collaboration, Conflict, and Negotiation all aim to immerse students within the fundamental pillars of business right from the beginning. Stern also gives students the option to waive and replace certain classes if they meet specific criteria.

These criteria can be based on previous experiences, such as prior degrees, proficiency exam scores, or CPA. In all cases, you are still required to take a total of 60 credits, so any core courses that you can prove your proficiency in will be replaced by electives, of which Stern offers over two hundred choices.

Stern’s part time MBA program also allows students to select up to three specializations out of the 27 that they offer, ranging from banking, luxury marketing, real estate, or tech product management. These specialization pathways are made up of nine credits, which is equivalent to three courses. Additionally, students may participate in numerous skill-based workshops offered by the Office of Academic Affairs, such as Excel Basics for Business Applications or Introduction to Cybersecurity.

Requirements & How to Apply

Test Score Submissions

The application process for potential part time MBA students is essentially the same as the application process for the full time program or executive program. The application process consists of two main stages. First, you must submit all of the necessary documents in the online application portal on their website. Then, after the admissions committee has thoroughly read through your application, they may invite you for an in-person interview in New York.

Several reasonably standard documents must be submitted as part of your online application. You must submit a copy of your transcripts, which prove that you have completed a four-year bachelor’s degree in the U.S. or an equivalent international degree. To account for “variances in grading systems around the world,” Stern does not maintain any minimum grade point average (GPA) requirements. Stern has no minimum requirements for standardized test scores such as the GMAT or GRE either; however, you must submit your official scores from one of these tests as part of your application.

In addition to the GMAT and GRE, Stern also accepts submitted scores from the Executive Assessment (EA) Test, MCAT, LSAT, and DAT. Stern has no preference for which of these test scores their applicants submit. It is also necessary for international students who are non-native English speakers to provide test results from an English proficiency exam such as IELTS, TOEFL, or the Duolingo English Test. Alternatively, if you can prove that you completed your undergraduate degree in English, you are exempt from these requirements.

Relevant Work Experience

Stern’s admissions committee wants to know about your relevant work experience. The admissions committee is interested in seeking students with “a proven track record of success, a high potential for future leadership, and a well-articulated plan to achieve their career aspirations.” Hence, they request copies of your resume or CV as well. This resume or CV should include your full time, part time, and post-university work experience and educational information, as well as any relevant internships or extracurricular activities.

When it comes to work experience, Stern does not favor any particular industry. Their applicants typically come from various professional backgrounds, ranging from consulting,  entertainment, or technology. Stern acknowledges that the admissions committee “evaluates work experience not only in terms of years, but in regard to depth and breadth of an individual’s experience, responsibilities, and progression.”

An Essay on Your Goals

Another significant component of Stern’s application process is the essay question that you must answer and submit. This essay is meant to give the admissions committee better insight “into your experiences, goals, and thought processes,” so that they can decide if you’re a good fit for their next cohort. The first essay topic is about professional aspirations, and you must write about “your short-term and long-term career goals,” then elaborate on “[h]ow…the MBA will help you [to] achieve them.” This essay has a 350-word maximum word limit, which means the committee is not interested in hearing your whole life’s story.

Rather, they would prefer a concise, focused answer that highlights your plans for your future. It would be best to mention specific job titles or organizations that you’d like to work for after graduating; however, it is also crucial to discuss the impact you intend to make on the world once you’ve achieved these goals. This question also allows you to show off the background research you’ve done on Stern. If possible, you should mention specific courses, extracurriculars, or faculty members at Stern that you feel will help you progress towards your goals.

An Optional Essay

Stern also has a second essay topic for applicants to their part time program; however, it is purely optional. This question asks that you “provide any additional information that you would like to bring to the attention of the Admissions Committee.” If you feel like you have already said all that you wanted to say, or have shown all that you wanted to show, then you may not need to answer this second essay, which is completely fine.

However, suppose there is anything else that you would like the admissions committee to know before they assess whether you are a good candidate for the program or not In that case, you should take this opportunity to express that. Should you decide to answer this question, some things that you might want to consider including might be explanations for any current or past gaps in your employment history, anything about your undergraduate academic records that you feel needs to be explained, or any plans that you have for retaking tests such as the GMAT, GRE, IELTS, or TOEFL.

Letters of Recommendation

Another necessary part of your application to NYU Stern’s part time MBA is to submit a letter of recommendation. The person you select to be your recommender will be asked to rate you on some abilities and qualities, such as initiative, leadership, professionalism, and integrity. They must also answer some specific questions about you.

They will have to describe their interaction with you briefly, and, if applicable, they must mention your role in their organization. They will also have to explain how your performance compares “to that of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles,” and provide some examples that shed light on your strengths. Your endorser will also have to reference an important piece of constructive feedback that they’ve given you and will have to recall your reaction.

Finally, they will have to provide a compelling example of a situation when you’ve demonstrated emotional intelligence (EQ) skills such as self-awareness, empathy, communication, or self-management, since these attributes are “at the core of [Stern’s] community of leaders.” Your recommender must be your current direct supervisor, and if this is not possible, you must explain why.

The second endorsement, if you choose to submit one, can come from someone who knows you either professionally or personally; however, they must be able to “objectively assess your potential for success in NYU Stern’s MBA and in your future career, and…act as a persuasive advocate of your EQ strengths,” meaning recommendations from family members are generally not accepted.

Benefits of NYU Stern Part Time MBA Program

An Accelerated Option

There are many benefits to reap if you embark on one of  NYU Stern’s part time MBA paths. One of the best things about choosing to do a part time MBA over the full time program is the malleable timeline you can build. If you are continuing to work during your MBA, as most part timers do, you have up to six years to complete everything, which puts relatively low pressure on your schedule.

However, depending on your personal and professional aspirations, six years can be a long time. Consequently, Stern launched an accelerated MBA program that gives students the option to complete their part time program in just two years, which is the same amount of time it takes to achieve their traditional full time program. This option was introduced in 2019 as part of the school’s initiative to meet the demands of their prospective students for a faster-paced program.

The schedule of this program is the same as the weeknight schedule; however, there is a heavier course load that you must undertake each semester. If you can not commit to a full time program, but would like to graduate and move on to the next big step on your career path in a timely fashion, then this option might be the perfect fit for you.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

One of the other major benefits of doing NYU Stern’s part time MBA is having access to their experiential learning opportunities. Stern’s students have “the opportunity to start, advise, and invest in real businesses” through their program that they refer to as Stern Solutions. This initiative aims to “[bring] together teams of students and faculty to solve real, complex business challenges.” One of Stern Solutions’ past projects involved learning structured approaches to management consulting while working with blue-chip brands in New York City.

Another project involved extensive interactions with the board of a New York City-based nonprofit organization for nine months to assist with strategic governance. Projects such as these give students invaluable hands-on experiences that will teach them far more than any traditional business school case study ever could.

No matter what industry it is that you have a particular interest in, the chances are good that the Stern Solutions program will find you a project to maximize your exposure to situations that will be relevant to your field.

International Opportunities

Anyone interested in international business may also want to take advantage of Stern’s “Doing Business In…” (DBi) program. This program gives Stern students international study options. One and two-week intensive courses are offered between semesters in January and May and during school breaks. In the past, these courses have allowed students to travel to and study in a wide variety of foreign countries such as Argentina, Hungary, Morocco, and Singapore.

These opportunities “enable students to explore how business is conducted in another country and develop a deeper understanding of the issues, opportunities, and challenges faced by businesses operating there.” Students receive classes during these intensive courses, but they also have corporate and cultural visits and hear from various speakers.

Through this program, Stern hopes to “broaden students’ cultural awareness, change their world-views, and create a lasting sense of community within their cohorts.” For anyone interested in getting more variety out of their MBA without traveling abroad to do an exchange, Stern also gives their students the option to take up to 25% of their courses at another NYU graduate school.


1. What is the admission rate for Stern’s part time MBA program?

The acceptance rate for Stern’s part time MBA program is 68%. About 350 people are accepted into the program each learning cycle.

acceptance rate

2. What are the average GMAT and GRE scores for students admitted into their part time MBA program?

The average GMAT score for students admitted into Stern is 647. Stern does not publish the average GRE scores due to the short time they’ve been accepting these test results. There are no minimum test requirements for either the GMAT or the GRE test.

3. Is there a minimum amount of work experience required to apply?

Stern does not require that their applicants have full time work experience before applying. The admissions committee considers internships and part time work as well when they are evaluating applications.

4. How can I get in contact with Stern’s alumni?

Stern encourages you to contact their current second-year MBA Graduate Ambassadors at to learn more about the Stern experience. Stern’s alumni remain very engaged with Stern and meet with prospective students during on-campus events and off-campus information sessions.

5. How long does a part time MBA at Stern take to complete?                                        

You can complete Stern’s part time MBA in 2 years if you choose to take the accelerated path. However, you have up to 6 years to complete it through one of the other pathways. Most part time MBA students at Stern can complete the program in 3 years.

6. How many credits must I complete to graduate from the part time MBA at Stern?

Just like in Stern’s full time program, all part time students must complete a total of 60 credits between their core course load and their elective courses.


So, is a part time MBA at NYU Stern the right option for you? First, you must weigh the pros and cons of a part time versus a full time MBA experience. When considering whether a part time MBA is the best fit for you, there is a lot to consider. This approach can minimize the costs of your MBA experience since you’ll be able to maintain a steady income while working.

However, it’ll also allow for less time to get engaged and involved with your cohort since you’ll be around the school campus less often. So, depending on where networking opportunities fall on your list of priorities, a part time MBA may not be best suited for you. But, if you feel that being at the school for minimal amounts of time won’t compromise the value of your MBA, and you’ve already committed to the idea of part time, then the options that Stern offers for this kind of path are definitely attractive.

Stern’s completely flexible MBAs set it apart from many other business schools that offer part time options. There is a vast array of possible directions to take when it comes to their part time program, so you can easily customize your experience to make it best suit your needs. Stern’s part time MBA can be customized to whatever pace makes you comfortable.

Stern’s accelerated part time MBA option will allow you to streamline your journey and finish promptly without putting too much of a strain on your schedule. Or if you decide to take things slowly, that’s okay too, since you can stretch out the experience over six years.

Additionally, Stern’s curriculum allows for plenty of variety, which gives you access to the necessary tools, experiences, and opportunities that will let you take the reins to your career path. All in all, if you have goals within the business world, no matter what they are, the NYU Stern part time MBA will be a great vessel to help get you there.

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