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NYU Stern Employment Report (2024) - A Detailed Look

February 10, 2024
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NYU Stern MBA Employment Statistics 2024Why Apply to NYU Stern?What is NYU Stern known for?Who is NYU Stern looking for?FAQs

The New York University Stern School of Business is one of the most prestigious business schools in the country. NYU Stern was founded in 1900 and is one of the world’s first business schools, providing essential business training to its students since its inception. The NYU Stern employment report provides statistical data on why it’s one of the best MBA schools.

NYU Stern MBA Employment Statistics 2024

The NYU Stern employment report collected data from a different cohort than the one described above because those students have not yet graduated. Below we will explore Stern’s employment profile, including the timing and source of job offers, an overview on compensation, as well as compensation by industry. 

General Outlook

The overall outlook for NYU Stern MBA graduates in 2024 is promising, reflecting the strength and competitiveness of the program. The class of 2024 saw a total of 323 MBA’s being rewarded to students, while 304 found summer internship opportunities. 

Though NYU is an excellent choice for your MBA, it is highly competitive with a GMAT Score average of 730 and an undergrad GPA average of 3.9.

Class Demographics

The demographics of the NYU Stern class profile provide a deeper understanding of the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the students. 

The data mentions that 45% of students identify as female, whereas 47% of students are minority students. Interestingly 21% of students identify as an underrepresented minority such as Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, or Indigenous.

Overall Employment Statistics

The overall employment statistics shed light on the success of NYU Stern graduates in securing employment post-MBA. 

According to the data, 84.8% of graduates had school-facilitated employment and 15.2% were student-initiated. Of the 84.8% of students who found jobs with the help of NYU, 62.9% found on-campus Stern interviews, 14.5% found Stern job postings, 4.9% connected with Stern alumni, and 2.5% participated in Stern-related activities.

Top Hiring Industries

This section outlines the industries that have shown significant interest in hiring NYU Stern MBA graduates. The top hiring industries are:

  1. Consulting - 28.8%
  2. Financial Services - 38.1%
  3. Technology/Telecommunications - 11.6%

Function-Wise Placement

Function-wise placement data breaks down the roles that MBA graduates have assumed across various functions within organizations. It provides a detailed look at the distribution of talent in areas such as finance, marketing, consulting, and operations.

The top function-wise placements are:

  1. Consulting - 40.9%
  2. Finance/Accounting - 42.3%
  3. Marketing/Sales - 11.5%

Geographic Distributions

Understanding the geographic distribution of employed graduates offers valuable insights into the global reach and influence of the NYU Stern MBA program. This section details where alumni are securing positions, providing prospective students with a sense of the program's international impact.

The top geographical locations include:

  1. Northeast - 82.9%
  2. West - 6.3%
  3. Midwest - 2.8%

An interesting data point to note is worldwide, North America makes up 95.5% of total compensations.

Recruiting Companies

This section highlights the companies that actively recruited NYU Stern MBA graduates in 2024. Recognizing the key employers provides valuable information for prospective students seeking to understand the program's industry connections and recruiting success.

Employer Number of Hires
J.P. Morgan 14
Deloitte 13
EY-Parthenon 12
Citi 11
McKinsey & Company 10

Additional Insights

According to the data, NYU is one of the best MBA schools as the average weekly base salary for graduates is $2,771. Additionally, out of the 15.2% who found jobs without the assistance of NYU, 8.1% of them found jobs from online postings of their own accord. That means NYU not only provides you with an extensive education but also a start to your career.

Why Apply to NYU Stern? 

While many schools offer MBA programs, Stern stands out for being an institution dedicated to its vibrant community, “creating leaders who embrace uncertainty and drive change.” Stern understands that the world around us changes rapidly and teaches students the skills they need to navigate the innovative solutions required for today's business world. 

As an institution, Stern has four core values that it hopes to impart to MBA students: 

  • Excellence, Unbound by Tradition: Students are encouraged to dare to be fearless and innovative while striving for excellence. 
  • IQ + EQ: Stern fosters an environment focused on student success and learning that also “reveres diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging of all people and ideas.”
  • Radically Responsible: Stern understands that solid and capable business leaders can improve society; this belief is central to Stern’s culture and curriculum.
  • Uncommonly Connected: Stern’s location in New York City means that students have access to NYU’s global network and can create and build connections with industries on a worldwide scale. 

Stern’s New York City location makes it a great school to earn your MBA, surrounded by the rich culture, cuisine, media, art, and entertainment that the city has to offer. 

Stern currently offers five MBA paths for its students:

1. Full-Time 

2. Part-Time 

3. Tech 

4. Fashion & Luxury

5. Dual Degrees  

What is Nyu Stern Known For? 

Recently NYU Stern was ranked as one of the best business schools globally, making it an attractive institution to obtain one’s MBA. 

In terms of specialties, Stern ranked as the #2 business school in real estate, #3 in finance, and #6 in business analytics. NYU Stern is an especially excellent option for those with dreams of working on Wall Street or in areas close to Manhattan’s Financial District. 

Beyond its prestige, Stern is well-known for its diverse MBA programs. Here we will provide a brief overview of each program. 

Full-time MBA 

Students in Stern’s full-time program complete 60 credits within two years, earning themselves a General Management MBA. 

Students can also choose up to three specializations as part of their MBA experience or choose not to specialize at all. The ten specializations offered are entrepreneurship, entertainment & media, tech, luxury & retail, marketing, real estate, finance, social enterprise, consulting, and healthcare. 

Part-Time MBA 

Students in the part-time program complete 60 credits within two to six years on a part-time basis and graduate with a General MBA. Students have the option to take classes on weeknights or Saturdays or can choose the accelerated two-year program. 

Andre Koo Tech MBA 

Students complete 52 credits on a full-time basis for one year, earning themselves a specialized MBA. The Tech MBA is designed for students interested in technology and “gives the tools of business to those pursuing careers in the industry.” 

The program offered students the opportunity to visit Seattle and Silicon Valley for “an experiential course with a focus on innovation and data analytics.” Students interested in breaking out into Silicon Valley may find the Tech MBA from Stern especially relevant and valuable. 

Fashion & Luxury MBA 

The Fashion & Luxury MBA is another specialized full-time program in which students must complete 52 credits over one year. 

NYC is often regarded as the “Fashion Capital” of North America, and an MBA from Stern can help students launch into business careers in fashion and luxury. Students create diverse portfolios by participating in industry projects which can help them gain a competitive edge in the fashion world. 

Dual MBA Programs 

Stern offers eight dual MBA programs, where students can earn an MBA alongside another Master’s level degree. One of these dual programs offers a prestigious JD/MBA degree.

Who is NYU Stern Looking For? 

Although Stern requires candidates to meet the minimum requirements needed to apply for an MBA, the admissions committee is willing to look beyond test scores and academics and assess your characteristics. 

If your GMAT or GRE scores aren’t as high as you expected, you could still be accepted into Stern’s MBA Program. Stern does look for students who demonstrate intellect through these requirements, but it also emphasizes each candidate’s emotional intelligence (EQ). 

Stern looks for students who will enrich the school’s culture and program. You should convey what your acceptance will add to the program and how you see yourself fitting into the student mosaic in your application. 

You should have an idea of any extracurricular activities or clubs you might want to join and describe how they fit in with your interests or talents. The admissions committee is interested in your potential to contribute to the Stern community and how Stern can help you achieve your goals.

Class Demographics 

In terms of class profile, the Stern Full-Time MBA program is comprised of a highly diverse pool of students. According to recent data, Stern accepted 29% of applicants and enrolled 317 MBA students. Other class demographics were listed as follows: 

  • 43% female students 
  • 32% students with international citizenship 
  • 32% minorities 
  • 12% underrepresented minorities 
  • 4% U.S. military veterans/ active duty 
  • 30 countries represented in the class 
  • Average student age of 28 

Undergraduate Majors 

Stern accepted a wide range of students from different undergraduate backgrounds. At 29%, a majority of the accepted students held a business-related undergraduate degree, 23% had degrees in engineering, math, or science, 20% in social science, 14% in economics, and 14% in arts, humanities, or other disciplines. 


Students accepted into Stern’s full-time program had an average undergrad GPA of 3.60 and a median GPA of 3.61. All GPA scores submitted ranged from 3.01 to 4.00, while the middle 80% ranged from 3.30 to 3.83. 

GMAT Scores 

Students accepted into Stern’s full-time program submitted an average GMAT score of 723 and a median score of 720. All accepted students’ GMAT scores ranged between 640 and 780, and the middle 80% ranged between 690 and 760. 

Remember that Stern views applications holistically and that your GPA and GMAT scores alone do not guarantee your acceptance or rejection from the program. Remember that you can retake the GMAT up to eight times in one year! You can easily boost your score if that’s something you want to do. 

Professional Experience 

Students accepted into Stern’s full-time program had an average of 5.2 years of pre-MBA work experience, and then the range of time spent working for all students was between 0 and 14 years. Ninety-seven percent of students enrolled had at least some work experience. 

Prior Industries 

Students accepted into the program came from over 24 various industries, but most students (27%) worked in financial services before enrolling at Stern. Below is a breakdown of which industries students worked in before their enrolment. 

Industry Percentage of Working Students
Financial Services 27%
Consulting 10%
Nonprofit, Arts, Education 8%
Technology 8%
Consumer Products, Retail 7%
Entertainment, Media 7%
Advertising, Public Relations 4%
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals 4%
Military, Government 4%
Law 3%
Real Estate 3%
Engineering 2%
Manufacturing, Import/Export, Trade 2%
Energy 1%
Other 10%


The 2024 employment report at NYU Stern demonstrates its excellence in providing students with comprehensive education and career preparedness. Below, we’ll address any underlying questions you may still have.

1. Does Stern Have An Employer List To See Some Of The Employment Options I May Have After Graduation?

Yes, Stern has an employer list for full-time MBA students. This list includes numerous corporations from a wide array of industries. 

2. If Wall Street Or Silicon Valley Isn’t My Goal, Does Going To Stern Still Benefit Me? 

Yes, an MBA from Stern can work for you even if your goal is not to pursue technology or investment banking. Many graduates go on to lucrative careers in numerous other industries, including law, energy, entertainment & media, and luxury & fashion.

3. If I’m An Nyu Stern Mba Student, How Do I Get Employers To Notice Me While Studying? 

If you want to increase your chances of recruitment while you’re in your second year of the MBA program, you can attend numerous types of events to network with employers and other professionals.

4. Are There Any Perks To Being A Stern Alumnus?

Yes! Not only do Stern alumni get access to job postings from corporations looking for Stern talent, but you are also connected to over 10,500 graduates in over 120 countries. Stern alumni also have access to the Career Centre for Working Professionals (CCWP) which offers “lifelong career development programs and services.”

5. Can I Access Nyu Stern's Employment Reports From Every Year? 

Currently, anyone can view the records dating back to 2017. These reports offer comparisons in data from year to year as well. 

6. How Do On-Campus Interviews Work? 

The Office of Career Development will schedule students and create resume packets for the day of the on-campus interview. The majority of employers will interview students in private, one-on-one for either 30, 45, or 60 minutes. 


NYU Stern is an excellent business school to complete your MBA, especially if you are interested in the financial services or consulting industries. Stern’s five MBA options ensure that you have a great deal of choice in your MBA education, and the full-time MBA is a great way to specialize in particular disciplines. The class profile information presented in the NYU Stern employment report reflects the diverse pool of students and how you can network with different people to gain new and exciting business perspectives. 

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