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MIT Sloan Employment Report (2024) - A Detailed Look

January 20, 2024
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MIT Sloan MBA Employment Report & Statistics 2024FAQs

When applying to business school you should look at the school’s employment report. The  MIT Sloan Employment Report tells you which industries the program's students recently entered. This information can then tell you if that school would offer you the most assistance in pursuing your desired career path.

This article will be taking a deeper dive into the school’s Employment Report, exploring the stats of the most recent graduates to help you decide if MIT Sloan is the best fit for you and your career goals.

MIT Sloan MBA Employment Report & Statistics 2024

The class profile is a great way to understand the student body and gauge your chances of admission to MIT Sloan. However, the MIT Sloan Employment Report can take you a step even further in your consideration.

The employment report can offer you an idea of how the school will serve your unique career goals and educational needs.

General Outlook

According to the recent employment report, the classes of 2023 and 2024 secured opportunities with 290 companies; 52.2% chose top employers. For 2023, salaries rose, averaging $168,095, with strong signing bonuses ($30,000 median). Stock options/equity boosted compensation for 24.5% (median $105,000). 

2024 MBA interns focused on Finance (29.5%), Consulting (25.6%), and Technology (20.1%). Motivations included industry (26.3%) and job function (24.6%). Consulting roles increased in 2023, balancing reduced hiring by large tech companies, with growth in Energy, Manufacturing, and Entertainment/Media Sports.

MBA Class Demographics 2024

To give you a better idea of what MIT’s MBA recent class consists of:

  • Class size of 113.
  • 76% of the class are international students. 
  • 33% of the class are underrepresented minorities.
  • 69% of the class are men, and 31% are women.
  • 15% of the class are Asian American.
  • 11% of the class are African American.
  • 15% of the class are Latinx American.
  • 41% of the class are White American.

MIT’s diversity helps shape their community and fosters a collaborative and learning environment. It’s a great school to apply to and known for its prestige and ample learning opportunity. 

Overall Employment Statistics

It’s always important to look at the employment statistics when choosing to apply to a business school. Here are the employment statistics for MIT’s program:

  • 47.1% of accepted offers were return offers from summer internships.
  • 100% of MIT graduates have found employment. 
  • 73.2% of accepted offers were school-facilitated.
  • 38.6% cited growth potential in their chosen field. 
  • 8.3% of graduates pursue entrepreneurship, with 94.9% providing usable salary data.
  • The median base salary of graduates was $170,000.
  • The mean base salary of graduates was $168,095. 
  • The median signing bonus was $30,000.
  • The mean signing bonus was $38,989.

Based on these employment statistics, it looks like MIT’s MBA program is extremely promising for potential graduates! 

Top Hiring Industries

The top industry that Sloan graduates pursued was consulting, where 33.7% of students received offers. The annual salary of these consulting positions ranged from $175,000 -$192,000, and the mean wage was $180,036. These numbers show that if you are hoping to pursue a career in consulting, then MIT Sloan could be an excellent option for you.

The second highest industry that Sloan MBA students entered upon graduation was technology, which includes the fields of software/Internet, computers/electronics, and telecommunications. According to the employment report, 24.1% of students accepted offers in these fields, and their annual salaries vary by area. 

Finally, finance was the third-highest industry pursued by Sloan MBA students, with 19.9% of graduates entering this industry. These professionals had an annual salary range of $160,000 -$183,750, and the mean salary was $175,419. 

Overall, if you are hoping to enter the fields of consulting, technology, or finance, then MIT Sloan could be a good option for you. However, if you are also interested in pursuing smaller fields, such as healthcare or aerospace, there are opportunities that you can find as a Sloan graduate.

Function-wise Placement

Below is a table that outlines the various function-wise placements and their respected salaries to help you decide which field you want to go in. 

Function Average Base Salary Average Signing Bonus Salary Range
Business Analytics $155,705 $16,667 $148,205 -$167,500
Business Development $157,079 $40,000 $132,500 -$167,500
Consulting/Strategic Planning $178,146 $33,367 $175,000 -$192,000
Finance $173,142 $44,122 $156,050 -$175,000
Marketing $134,700 $31,700 $124,500 -$144,600
Operations/Project Management $145,363 $36,782 $138,750 -$155,000
Product Management/Development $166,940 $59,377 $155,000 -$172,000

Source: MIT Sloan Employment Report

Geographic Distribution

Here is a table showcasing the full-time base salary by geographic location:

Region Mean Range
North America $171,127 $152,700 -$190,000
Africa - -
Europe $120,000 $105,000 -$128,750
Latin America $130,000 $100,000 -$157,500
Middle East - -

Source: MIT Sloan Employment Report

Recruiting Companies

The employment report also outlines the companies from which graduates received offers. According to Brennan, “students accepted opportunities with 300 companies … around the country and the world.” Of these companies, 52% hired Sloan graduates for the first time, and 47% of students “accepted positions with employers who hired three or more Sloanies.”

From these numbers, it is clear that there are many opportunities available for Sloan graduates. Some of the top recruiters for Sloan graduates are: 

  • McKinsey & Company 
  • Bain & Company
  • The Boston Consulting Group
  • Amazon
  • Verizon

If you aspire to work with these companies, MIT Sloan could be a good business school for you.

Entrepreneurship and Startups

Entrepreneurship is a rewarding but risky opportunity to be your own boss and own a business. In the past year around 8.3% of Sloan graduates pursued entrepreneurship which is quite fascinating. Whereas 68 Sloan graduates took jobs with start-up companies. 

Additional Insights

The MIT Sloan Employment Report offers valuable insights into MBA students' internships, highlighting top industries such as technology, finance, and consulting. School-facilitated internships predominantly occur in the United States. 

Monthly salaries for Sloan interns vary by industry: service industries average $8,872, manufacturing industries average $7,372, and other industries (nonprofit, education, government) average $5,080. The Internship section of the report is a key resource for gaining insights into potential employment opportunities while attending Sloan.

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If you still have questions, check out these frequently asked questions. 

1. How Many MIT Sloan Students Received Offers At Graduation?

According to the recent MIT Sloan Employment Report, 100% of MBA students received offers at or before graduation.

2. Were There Many Sloan Graduates That Received Offers From Outside of the United States?

About 11.2% of recent Sloan graduates accepted offers from outside of the United States. In Europe, 3.8% of students received employment, 3.1% in Asia, 1.5% in Mexico, 1% in Latin America & the Caribbean, 0.7% in both the Middle East and Oceania, and 0.4% in Canada.

3. Who Were the Top Employers of MIT Sloan’s Most Recent MBA Class?

The top five employers of MIT Sloan’s most recent MBA class were: 

  • Amazon
  • Andreessen Horowitz
  • The Boston Consulting Group
  • EY-Parthenon
  • Google

4. What Is the Average Salary of an MIT Sloan Graduate?

In the most recent graduating class, the average base salary was $168,095.

5. What Are the Top Industries of MIT Sloan Graduates?

According to the most recent employment report, the top industries were consulting, technology, and finance.

6. How Many MIT Sloan Students Receive Offers Through Summer Internships?

Through school-facilitated summer internships, 36.9% of students received offers. Through student-facilitated summer internships, 5.5% received offers.


The MIT Sloan Employment Report offers a large amount of important information that you can use to optimize your business school decisions. By analyzing the employment report, you can start to picture what your career could look like as a Sloan graduate, and the unique opportunities that the school can offer you. Good luck on your future endeavors! 

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