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How to Get Into MIT Sloan School of Management

August 13, 2021
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Part 1. IntroductionPart 2. About MIT Sloan School of ManagementPart 3. Level of CompetitionPart 4. Complete Requirements and How to Apply to MIT SloanPart 5. Top Tips on How to Get into MIT Sloan School of ManagementPart 6. FAQsPart 7. Conclusion


MIT Sloan School of Management is one of the country’s best business schools. Its wide range of academic program offerings, including undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree programs, make it one of the top choices for those seeking to earn their MBA. MIT Sloan has a reputation for producing leaders in the business world.

Their alumni have gone on to build successful businesses or have worked their way up to C-level positions at Fortune 500 companies. Due to its prestigious reputation, it is highly competitive to get into MIT Sloan’s MBA program.

This article will break down everything you need to know about how to get into MIT Sloan School of Management and how to make your application stand out to the admissions committee.

About MIT Sloan School of Management

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT Sloan School of Management’s mission is to foster the growth of creative and upstanding leaders in all areas of the business world who will be at the forefront of innovative, positive change. This mission is best exemplified by the Sloan community, who live and breathe the values that uphold this mission every day.

“Collaboration, a deep commitment to supporting others, striving for impact – these are the values our Sloan community cherishes,” is what MIT Sloan alumnus Emily LeStrange (MBA) had to say about her experience attending Sloan and the connections she made with other Sloan alumni before, during, and after her time at the school.

MIT Sloan opened its doors in 1914 and has since become known for its business programs focused on engineering and technology. This is no surprise considering that MIT is known for its prestigious and innovative STEM programs.

Their System Design & Management and Integrated Design & Management master’s programs are unique to MIT Sloan and allow students to earn a master’s degree in both engineering and management.

Notable alumni from MIT Sloan include Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary-General; Robin Chase, co-founder of ZipCar; Robert Thirsk, decorated astronaut and Officer of the Order of Canada; John W. Thompson, current Chairman of Microsoft; and Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

By attending MIT Sloan School of Management, you will become a member of its extensive alumni network and have access to exclusive alumni directories. These directories will allow you to continue to make new connections with fellow students long after you have graduated with the prestigious Brass Rat class ring. 

MIT Sloan offers a wide range of academic programs, ranging from undergraduate degrees to Executive MBA and Ph.D. programs. The full list of academic programs offered at MIT Sloan School of Management includes:

  • Undergraduate degree programs in Management, Business Analytics, and Finance
  • MBA
  • Master of Finance
  • Master of Business Analytics
  • Master of Science in Management Studies
  • MIT Sloan Fellows MBA
  • MIT Executive MBA
  • Master’s in Engineering & Management through their System Design & Management or Integrated Design & Management programs
  • Ph.D. programs in Behavior & Policy Sciences, Economics, Finance & Accounting, and Management Science

As you can tell from this list, MIT Sloan offers three different options for you to pursue your MBA depending on the stage of your career. The MBA is a two-year, full-time program geared towards individuals looking to advance their careers.

The Executive MBA takes less than two years to complete and “equips experienced executives to enhance their impact on their organizations and the world.” However, only those with at least 10 years of professional experience will be considered for admission into the program.

The MIT Sloan Fellows MBA is also intended for individuals who are in the middle of their career and looking to advance. This one-year program requires you to have at least 10 years of work experience prior to applying. There are three degree options you can choose from: MBA, Master of Science in Management of Technology, or Master of Science in Management.

MIT Sloan also offers Executive Education and Visiting Fellow opportunities. The Executive Education program caters towards senior executives and managers who demonstrate a high degree of potential, and allows qualifying individuals to pursue an MIT Sloan Executive Certificate.

You can select from one of three areas: Management and Leadership, Strategy and Innovation, or Technology and Operations. The Visiting Fellows program, on the other hand, provides a non-degree, individualized study option for students, professionals, and MIT alumni to design their MIT Sloan curriculum.

A faculty advisor will help you plan your curriculum around courses that best suit your professional and academic goals. Although MIT Sloan offers a large number of academic programs at the graduate level, it is still challenging to be accepted into the school given the approximately 5,000 applications Sloan receives every year for their MBA program alone.

This makes it imperative you do what you can to emphasize your strengths and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Level of Competition

US News ranked MIT Sloan School of Management the 5th best business school in the country, which means this is a highly competitive school. Just 14.6% of applicants are accepted to this prestigious business school, according to US News figures.

MIT Sloan has the top programs in business analytics, production and operations, project management, and information systems, as well as a highly-ranked Executive MBA program. MIT Sloan admits approximately 480 new students into their MBA program annually.

Women make up 38% of the class, and 51 countries are represented in the new class. The class profile averages five years of work experience prior to commencing their studies at MIT Sloan.

New students come from a wide range of industries, best captured by the following graphic from MIT Sloan’s website. The dominant industries represented in the class profile are consulting, financial services, and technology.

MIT pre-MBA industry

In terms of academics, the incoming class averaged a 3.54 GPA in their undergraduate studies and a median GMAT score of 720. Out of 800, this means the incoming class, on average, scored 90% on the GMAT. GRE Quant Range was 156-158, which falls into the middle range of scoring, while GRE Verbal Range was 155-167, which is quite high. 

Complete Requirements and How to Apply to MIT Sloan

MIT Sloan School of Management has an extensive list of requirements you must fulfill in order to be considered for their MBA program. To be considered for admission to the MBA program, you will need to submit a completed application package that meets their requirements.

Here is a breakdown of all the components you will need when applying to MIT Sloan.

A cover letter addressed to the Assistant Dean of Admission illustrating why you meet their criteria. It should also be a maximum of 300 words long.

Who MIT sloan is looking for

A one-page resume listing your education, work experience, and any additional information.

Sloan requests that you blackout your name, address, and contact information on your resume.

Video statement where you briefly introduce yourself as if you were in your first class with your new classmates. You should talk about your past experiences and briefly describe why Sloan is the best possible place for you to earn your MBA.

Letter of recommendation from someone who can describe in detail your professional experiences, abilities, and potential. This letter can be a maximum of two pages in length.

Additional references from two other individuals who can speak to your professional or academic background. 

You will need to include their names, contact information, and your relationship with them.

An organizational chart that outlines your current department and company’s internal structure is necessary.

This cannot exceed two pages. Sloan provides an example of an organizational chart here.

Transcripts from every postsecondary institution you’ve attended or are currently attending, scanned, and uploaded to your application portal.

Test scores from your GMAT and GRE, and scores from the EA, TOEFL, and IELTS if you are required to take them.

Application fee of $250, unless you meet their criteria for the fee waiver (Active U.S. military personnel, current Teach for America members, current Peace Corps members, Forté MBA Launch participants, or MLT/Jumpstart MBA Prep Fellows).

You will submit your application online through the MIT Sloan application portal. You will need to create an account first, which will require you to enter your first and last name, email address, and date of birth, as well as indicate the specific MBA program to which you are applying. 

Top Tips on How to Get into MIT Sloan School of Management

There are numerous components to fulfill, along with requirements to meet in order to be considered for MIT’s highly competitive business school. It can be an intimidating process, but there are steps you can take to improve your chances of receiving an offer of admission. Here are some tips for getting into MIT Sloan School of Management.

Make a list of what you need for the application.

This will help prevent you from forgetting to include a critical document and either scrambling to get it in at the last minute or submitting your application without it.

Stay on top of deadlines.

You may find it helpful to set working deadlines for yourself in order to get what you need well ahead of the application deadline, making the process of putting together your application more manageable.

Emphasize the right details.

In the desire to be as detailed as possible in your application, sometimes it’s easy to go overboard with little details that washout some of the most crucial aspects of your experiences. Be selective about what you include.

Start your application early.

This will help minimize your stress while completing the application, ensure you can meet the application deadline, and you will have time to consult an expert to ensure you’re on the right track.

Be true to who you are.

The admissions committee wants to gain a clear picture of who you are when they review your application. If you try to present yourself as who you think they want to admit, they will be able to see right through it. Be authentic and genuine, as it will help you make a lasting impression on the committee.

Use examples that fit with Sloan’s mission and values.

Sloan values leadership, collaboration, and creative thinking, and problem-solving. It’s important that the stories told in your application demonstrate how you align with Sloan’s mission and values.

link to a guide on how to get into Sloan


1. What are the benefits of getting an MBA from MIT Sloan?

MIT Sloan is a prestigious and highly reputable business school, so attending this school is bound to boost your profile. MIT Sloan offers the educational experience to back this up with their hands-on approach to teaching management best practices.

MIT Sloan also fosters a connection between its students, faculty, and staff, so you will leave Sloan with an extensive network that you will be connected to for life.

2. Who should write my letter of recommendation?

Your letter of recommendation should be written by someone who can provide extensive insight into your professional skills, abilities, and experiences. Oftentimes MBA applicants submit a letter of recommendation from their current manager, and many business schools will ask for a recommendation from your current supervisor.

Sloan is not one of these schools; they simply ask for a recommendation from someone with whom you have a professional relationship and can provide details about your work experience. This could be a former supervisor or a supervisor you worked closely with but did not directly supervise you.

3. What do I need to do for the video statement? What is the admissions committee looking for in my response?

First and foremost, the admissions committee is looking for you to be authentic and speak as if you were in your first class at MIT Sloan and introducing yourself to your new classmates. The admissions committee wants to get to know a little bit more about you.

They specify that your video should be done all in one take, without any editing, background music, or subtitles. It’s also important to keep in mind that you have to do all of this in 60 seconds, which makes it crucial that you keep it concise and to the point.

4. I meet the criteria for the application fee waiver — how do I apply for the exemption?

You can apply for the fee waiver exemption through the MIT Sloan application portal. You will need to submit this form at least one week before the application deadline. It is wise to submit the waiver early. This allows more time for it to be approved and avoids delaying the submission of your application.

5. Why does MIT Sloan require an organizational chart? How is that used in deciding whether to admit me?

The purpose of the organizational chart is to help the admissions committee better understand the role you play in your company. They aren’t looking to see how many people report to you or how close you are to the top level of company management.

The organizational chart is intended to give the admissions committee insight as to where you fit into your company’s bigger picture.

6. Are there specific course requirements I need to fulfill in order to be considered for the MIT Sloan MBA program?

There are no specific course requirements to be considered. MIT Sloan accepts students from a variety of academic backgrounds, including STEM, social sciences, and business.

It is more important that you did well in your previous studies and have a competitive GPA, high GMAT and GRE scores, and impressive work experiences. All of these combined will speak to your potential to excel in their MBA program.

7. What do I need to do if I’m reapplying to MIT Sloan?

Sloan advises you to do a few things for your reapplication. Reapplicants are advised to obtain a new letter of recommendation; it can be from the same person, but it should be updated to reflect how you’ve changed since your previous application. Make sure your application is not the exact same as the first one.

Sloan recommends using different examples to highlight your strengths and skills. You are not required to answer the optional question, but you can if you believe it will help strengthen your reapplication. MIT Sloan will review your reapplication alongside your previous application, so it is important to keep that in mind when completing your new application.


There are a significant number of components to complete and requirements to meet when applying to the prestigious MIT Sloan School of Management, including achieving high exam scores, maintaining a competitive GPA, and acquiring meaningful experiences.

Being organized and developing a plan to complete your MBA application, along with telling stories that show you’re a great fit for the Sloan community, will allow you to submit an application that meets all requirements and leaves a positive impression on the admissions committee.

If you are still unsure of how to move forward with your MIT Sloan School of Management MBA application, we are here to help.

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