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Wake Forest Business School - Acceptance Rate & Admission Guide

March 6, 2024
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Wake Forest Business School Acceptance Rate: 20%Wake Forest School of Business Admissions StatisticsWhat is Wake Forest Business School Looking For In Applicants? Wake Forest Business School Admissions RequirementsWake Forest Business School Application DeadlinesHow to Improve Your Chances of Getting Into Wake Forest School of BusinessWake Forest Business School Essay PromptsWake Forest Business School InterviewFAQs

Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, offers part-time MBA programs for the working professional. If you’re looking to advance your career path while holding down your full-time job, an education at Wake Forest may be a welcome addition to your list. 

Wake Forest University’s School of Business (formerly known as the Babcock Graduate School of Management) provides the essential business training you need to make your mark in whatever industry you’re in and help you become a competitive candidate for promotions and career advancement. 

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about Wake Forest University’s School of Business. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you get admitted to the school and stand out from other applicants. If you want to give yourself the best chance of acceptance, read on to learn more.

Wake Forest Business School Acceptance Rate: 20%

The Wake Forest Business School acceptance rate is about 20%. This is quite selective and means that only about one-fifth of applicants are accepted. To get in, you’ll need a competitive application. 

How Hard Is It to Get Into Wake Forest Business School? 

With a low acceptance rate of only 20%, Wake Forest Business School is selective. It will be difficult to craft a competitive application, but with a high GPA, impressive test scores, and good references, you can make your MBA profile stand out. 

Wake Forest School of Business Admissions Statistics

Wake Forest Business School Average GPA: 3.3

The average GPA of incoming Wake Forest Business School students is 3.3. However, to put together a most competitive application, you should always strive to get the best grades you can. Aim for a minimum 4.0 GPA. 

Wake Forest Business School Average GMAT Score: 652

The average GMAT score at Wake Forest Business School is around 652. This is a relatively competitive score, so if you achieve a higher score, you’ll be in good standing. 

To prepare for the GMAT, you’ll need to set a solid study schedule and take practice tests. The GMAT is a challenging exam, so make sure that you commit lots of time to studying. 

Wake Forest Business School Average GRE Score: 300-302

If you choose to write the GRE instead of the GMAT, you should aim for an average GRE score of 300-302 in the Verbal and Quantitative sections and a 4.0 in the Writing section. To be a competitive applicant, your score should meet or exceed these numbers. 

However, Wake Forest states that lower scores will not disqualify you from admission. There is no minimum GRE score, so if you have a lower score than you’d like, you can make up for it with strong application materials. 

Wake Forest Business School Average Years of Work Experience: 8.5

The average MBA student at Wake Forest has 8.5 years of work experience, with 260 companies represented among the student body. If you’re applying for an MBA at Wake Forest, it’s very important that you can demonstrate relevant work experience in your application! 

What Is Wake Forest Business School Looking For In Applicants? 

Wake Forest Business School states that they specifically seek applicants who are passionate, hard-working, and resilient. In their words, they are “seeking students with grit.” In your application, demonstrate these qualities through rigorous academic coursework, relevant experience, and leadership positions in your community. 

To improve your chances of admission, you should also aim for a 4.0 GPA and GMAT/GRE scores of 652 and 302, respectively. Remember, the Wake Forest Business School acceptance rate is quite low at 20%, so do all you can to stand out! 

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Wake Forest Business School Application Requirements

Wake Forest only offers part-time MBA programs. To apply to any MBA program, you must have a bachelor’s degree, no matter the major, and work full-time. If you do not work full-time, you’ll need to get approval from the Program Director or Associate Dean to move forward. 

The Online MBA program prefers applicants to have two years of work experience before their start date. The other part-time programs prefer candidates with at least three years of full-time work experience before their start date. 

To apply, you must use Wake Forest University’s online portal, where you can create an account to start an application. The admissions requirements for all part-time programs are similar: 

  • Online application form
  • $100 application fee
  • Resume 
  • GMAT or GRE scores or test waiver
  • TOEFL/IELTS scores (if applicable)
  • Contact information for two references (formal letters not required)
  • Undergraduate transcripts 
  • Interview

Wake Forest Business School Application Deadlines

Wake Forest offers MBA programs in a variety of formats: online, hybrid, or in-person. Here are the dates and MBA deadlines for each format to help you stay on track! 

The deadlines for the Fall 2024 semester with an in-person format are as follows: 

Application Step Deadline
Applications available September 1, 2023
Scholarship deadline Rolling
Final application deadline August 15, 2024
Enrollment begins Late August 2024

Here are the dates for 2024 enrollment in an online format: 

Application Step Deadline
Summer applications available January 4, 2024
Scholarship deadline Rolling
Summer final application deadline April 26, 2024
Summer classes begin May 13, 2024
Fall applications available May 15, 2024
Fall final applications due August 16, 2024
Fall classes begin September 2, 2024

If you want to apply for the Spring 2024 semester in a hybrid format, here are the deadlines you should know: 

Application Step Deadline
Applications available January 16, 2024
Scholarship deadline Rolling
Final application deadline January 1, 2025
Classes begin January 11, 2025

Wake Forest Business School Regular Decision Deadline

The regular decision deadline for Wake Forest’s Fall 2024 in-person MBA is August 15, 2024. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and applicants are typically informed of their admission decision about four weeks after submitting. 

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Into Wake Forest School of Business

Although Wake Forest University School of Business may not be as competitive as other top MBA programs, perfecting your application is a time-consuming but worthwhile process. 

These tips below can help you stand out to the admissions committee and give you the best chance of acceptance. 

Consider What the Admissions Committee Is Seeking 

Knowing what the admissions committee is looking for is a great way to tailor your application. The Wake Forest School of Business states they’re looking for “hard-working students who want to accelerate their career path or embark on a new one.” 

Furthermore, Wake Forest also says, “ideal candidates have distinguished themselves through academic coursework, relevant experience and community leadership, showing they have the drive and the grit to gain the most from our programs.” 

In your application, demonstrate your diligence, experience, and willingness to collaborate. Showcase your community contributions, and ensure your resume details the most relevant experiences you want the admissions committee to know. 

Give Your Recommenders a Heads-up 

Although you don’t need to have your recommenders submit an electronic recommendation on your behalf, you need to provide at least two people's names and contact information. 

It would be best to make sure one of your recommenders is your current supervisor or manager, and your second can be a former manager or anyone else who can speak to your professional growth and progress. 

The admissions committee can choose to contact your recommenders at any time in the admissions process. You want to ensure you give them context because you don’t know when, or if, your recommenders will be contacted. 

It would be best to discuss with your recommenders why you want to attend an MBA program and why, specifically, you want to go to Wake Forest School of Business. Consider giving your recommenders a copy of your resume, a list of your most notable achievements, and a brief overview of any other pieces of information you think they should know. 

Revamp Your Resume 

Your MBA resume should be concise and easy to read.  Wake Forest offers a resume template for applicants to use.  

As you can see, your resume will touch on your education, but you shouldn’t go into heavy detail about your college or graduate experiences. The admissions committee is more interested in your professional, leadership, and volunteer experience. 

Provide concrete examples where you can, as experts say, “the best MBA resumes tell applicants' success stories, showing how they achieved results for clients and advanced in their careers.” 

Make sure your resume does not run over one or two pages to keep things clear and easy to read. And be sure to drop any industry jargon—while the admissions committee may know what you’re talking about, you don’t want to risk leaving them confused by obscure acronyms. 

Prepare Well For Your Interview 

All of Wake Forest’s part-time programs require interviews. If you receive an invitation to participate in an interview, it’s then your responsibility to schedule one. Your interview may be scheduled online, on-campus, or off-campus depending on the pathway you pursue. 

Before your interview, you should practice what your responses may look like to common MBA questions such as: 

  • Tell me about yourself. 
  • Why do you want to pursue an MBA, and why is now that right time? 
  • Why do you want to pursue your MBA, specifically at Wake Forest School of Business? 
  • Discuss your leadership experience. 
  • Tell me about a recent obstacle and how you overcame it. 
  • Tell me about a time you failed. 
  • Do you have any concerns about pursuing an MBA? 
  • What do you think your greatest strength is? 
  • How will you contribute to the Wake Forest community? 

Your interviewer may ask you about topics related to these questions and more. It would help if you also had a few questions to ask your interviewer at the end of your time together. You want to show you’re interested in the school and want to learn more than the information available to you online. 

You can ask your interviewer about their experience working with the school or ask specific questions about the program, like what concentration they think is most valuable for someone in your field. No matter what questions you ask your interviewer, ensure they are respectful and thoughtful.

Wake Forest Business School Essay Prompts

The Wake Forest Business School MBA essay is optional. While many MBA programs require students to write an essay or personal statement, Wake Forest recommends that applicants only use the optional essay in certain circumstances

These circumstances may include requesting a GMAT/GRE waiver or addressing outstanding or unusual aspects of their applications. Re-applicants may also use the optional essay portion. For example, you can use the optional essay to explain a low GPA or gaps in your resume/work experience. 

Wake Forest Business School Interview

Your interview with Wake Forest Business School is a crucial part of your application, especially since you are not required to submit a personal essay. This is a chance for you to show the admissions committee who you truly are and demonstrate your passions and interests. It “brings your application to life.” 

Interview invitations are extended to applicants who advance through the initial pre-screening application process. If you’re invited to interview, you’ll need to be well-prepared!

Thankfully, Wake Forest provides some sound interview advice. Make sure you’re ready to dive into greater detail about your application and think of some questions of your own to ask. Try to also mention some unique points about yourself to make sure the interviewer remembers you. 

Wake Forest also clarifies that they’re looking for applicants who can demonstrate enthusiasm, preparation, work ethic, and a good fit. Keep these tips in mind and remember to relax, smile, and be confident!


1. Are Wake Forest’s MBA pathways different degrees? 

No, you will earn the same degree regardless of what schedule you choose. Wake Forest offers four pathways, including its online program to cater to the diverse needs of business professionals. The online version will cover materials more flexibly than in-person learning. 

2. What are the most common professional backgrounds represented in students? 

Recent data shows most Wake Forest MBA students have a background in finance, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, education or non-profit, and consumer packaged goods. 

3. How will my career be impacted by a Wake Forest MBA? 

Data shows that a recent cohort saw a 35% average salary increase while 60% received at least one promotion in the program, and 32% changed organizations altogether. 

4. What are some examples of the classes I’ll take? 

At Wake Forest, you can expect to take core MBA courses like Business Analytics, Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, and Operations Management. You’ll have the opportunity to select electives in your final semester to fulfill concentration requirements if you choose to do so. 

Here is a sample program schedule for in-person learning: 

5. Why should I do a part-time MBA program? 

Part-time MBA programs have many benefits, and you will typically learn the same things in these programs as you would if you pursue your degree on a full-time schedule. 

Part-time programs are an excellent choice if you want to keep your full-time job, apply the knowledge you learn in class immediately on the job, and have other responsibilities or commitments. 

6. How are classes structured in the Online MBA program? 

You will take two or three seven-week courses each term. There are two terms per semester, and you can graduate within seven semesters. 

7. How do I know which pathway is best for me? 

Factors that will influence which pathway is best for you include your lifestyle, where you live, and when you have free time. Remember that all MBA programs take place on different days in Charlotte, Winston-Salem, or remotely. Online is probably the best choice if you live far away from these cities. 

If you have to take your children to dance class every Saturday, you may not want to pursue the Saturday MBA option. It comes down to a matter of preference!


The Wake Forest School of Business part-time MBA programs are an excellent option if you want a timely, cost-friendly MBA education. A Wake Forest education means you’ll benefit from intimate class sizes and get a collaborative learning experience. 

If you want to boost your chances of admission, revitalize and streamline your resume, tailor your application to what the admission committee is looking for, and ensure you show up to your interview prepared to answer any question that comes your way. 

With all these tips in mind, you can claim your seat in the Wake Forest School of Business MBA program.

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