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Oxford MBA Acceptance Rate & Admission Guide (2024)

February 13, 2024
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Part 1. IntroductionHow to Get into Oxford Saïd Business SchoolOxford Saïd Business School Acceptance Rate: 20%Oxford Saïd Business School Admissions StatisticsWhat is Oxford Saïd Business School Looking For In Applicants?Oxford Saïd Business School Admissions Requirements Oxford Saïd Business School Application DeadlinesHow to Improve Your Chances of Getting Into Oxford Saïd Business School Oxford Saïd Business School Essay PromptsOxford Saïd Business School Interview

The University of Oxford is a household name that carries a long history of prestige. The sprawling university does not have a main campus. It consists of many different buildings housing various academic departments and colleges. 

Oxford University is situated in the beautiful city of Oxford, England. It is filled with ancient and modern architecture, museums, galleries, and luscious parks and green spaces. 

The University of Oxford's Saïd Business School (Oxford Saïd) has offered an MBA program since its inception in 1996. Today, Oxford Saïd Business School ranks as one of the top business schools in Europe, making this school a highly sought-after institution.

Currently, Oxford's Saïd Business School offers three MBA programs:

  • Oxford MBA: This is a one-year full-time program.
  • Oxford 1+1 MBA: This is a program that offers the opportunity to combine a master's degree with a one-year MBA program. In this program, you complete a master's degree in your chosen discipline in the first year. The following year, you will move on to the one-year MBA. 
  • Oxford Executive MBA: The last option is the executive MBA program conducted part-time over 22 or 24 months. This option consists of 16 to 18 modules that run approximately every five weeks to fit alongside students' working schedules. These modules are one week in length. 

Oxford Saïd Business School Acceptance Rate

Oxford Saïd Business School

The acceptance rate at Oxford Saïd Business School is 20%. Students applying for admission will need to craft an impeccable profile to increase the chance of acceptance.

How Hard Is It to Get Into Oxford Saïd Business School?

With an acceptance rate of 20%, Oxford’s Saïd Business School is highly selective, making it a competitive program to gain admission to. The program values depth and diversity of professional backgrounds to enrich classroom discussions.

Oxford Saïd Business School Admission Statistics

The program considers various factors as part of its selection criteria, including strong competitive test scores and supplemental documents. Additionally, the class profile of students on the MBA course comprised 63 different nationalities, with 97% coming from outside the UK.

Oxford Saïd Business School Average GPA: 3.5

The median GPA at Oxford Saïd Business School is 3.5 Students should aim for a high GPA to increase their chances of admission.

Oxford Saïd Business School Average GMAT Score: 680

The average GMAT score at Oxford Saïd Business School is 680. Oxford Saïd considers a score above 650 to be highly competitive.

Oxford Saïd Business School Average GRE Score: 320

The mean GRE Score at Oxford Saïd Business School is 320, totaling 160 in both the verbal and quantitative sections. However, Oxford Saïd accepts all scores.

Oxford Saïd Business School Average Work Experience: 6 Years

The average student at Oxford Saïd Business School completed 6 years of work experience. Gaining comprehensive work experience will improve your chances of admission.

What Is Oxford Saïd Business School Looking For In Applicants?

Oxford Saïd Business School is seeking students with relevant experience. Having at least two years of full-time work experience submitted on a one-page CV is beneficial. Vital to student admission is career growth and international exposure in addition to leadership development. Oxford Saïd does not look for work experience in a specific sector.

Oxford Saïd Business School Admissions Requirements

To apply to Oxford Saïd, students must submit specific documents including:

Oxford Saïd Business School Application Deadlines

Students applying to Oxford Saïd should keep in mind three different deadlines:

Application Stage Deadline
Stage 1 Application September 2023
Stage 1 Interview Invitation November 2023
Stage 1 Final Decision December 2023
Stage 2 Application January 2024
Stage 2 Interview Invitation January 2024
Stage 2 Final Decision March 2024
Stage 3 Application March 2024
Stage 2 Interview Invitation April 2024
Stage 3 Final Decision May 2024

For students looking to receive admission to Oxford Saïd, three stages will comprise the application process. If you’re certain that Oxford Saïd is your first choice, we recommend applying as early as possible.

Oxford Saïd Business Regular Decision Deadline

The regular decision deadline for Oxford Saïd Business School falls under Stage 2, January 2024. If approved, students will be contacted before the interview deadline before the final decision.

Oxford Saïd Business School Early Decision Deadline

The early decision deadline for Oxford Saïd Business School is September 2023. This date is the earliest students can apply to enroll in the following school year.

How To Improve Your Chances of Getting Into Oxford Saïd Business School

male business student smiling outside

Gaining admission to Oxford Saïd Business School requires a strategic approach and an excellent MBA profile that goes beyond the generic advice of achieving high test scores and crafting compelling essays. Here are some tailored tips based on insights into the school's unique ethos and requirements:

1. Understand Oxford Saïd’s Values and Mission

Familiarize yourself with the school's focus on addressing global challenges through innovative business practices, social entrepreneurship, and sustainability. Your application should reflect your alignment with these values.

2. Showcase Leadership with a Global Perspective

Oxford Saïd values students who demonstrate leadership skills with a global outlook. Highlight experiences where you've led diverse teams, initiated projects with international impact, or contributed to cross-cultural understanding.

3. Demonstrate Commitment to Social Impact

Given the school's emphasis on tackling world-scale problems, evidence of your commitment to social impact, through either your professional work or volunteer activities, will strengthen your application.

4. Engage with the Oxford Community

Before applying, try to engage with the Oxford community by attending events, reaching out to current students or alumni, and participating in webinars. This shows your genuine interest in the school and provides insights into its culture.

5. Academic Excellence and Intellectual Curiosity

While good GMAT/GRE scores are important, Oxford Saïd also values intellectual curiosity and a strong academic record. Highlight any additional coursework, research, or intellectual pursuits that showcase your academic rigor.

6. Excellence in Extracurricular Activities

Your extracurricular activities should demonstrate depth and commitment, particularly those that align with Oxford Saïd's values. Leadership roles in these activities can further underscore your potential to contribute to the school's community.

7. Articulate Your Career Vision

Be clear and specific about your career goals and how Oxford Saïd's MBA program, with its particular strengths and resources, will help you achieve them. This demonstrates your intentionality and fit with the program.

8. Seek Recommendations that Speak to Your Fit with Oxford

Choose recommenders who can specifically address your strengths and potential contributions to Oxford Saïd, particularly those who can speak to your leadership qualities, academic capabilities, and commitment to social impact.

9. Gain At Least Six Years of Work Experience

As part of the admission process, the average amount of work experience students possess at Oxford Saïd is six years. While the work sector doesn’t matter, it would be helpful to gain experience in business so that you’re well-prepared for the MBA program.

10. Reflect Oxford’s Collegiate System in Your Application

Oxford's unique collegiate system offers a close-knit community experience. Highlight your ability to thrive in such an environment, including your teamwork skills, adaptability, and how you plan to contribute to college life.

Oxford Saïd Business School Essay Prompts

person writing on paper

Oxford Saïd requires students to submit a written portion of the application. In this essay, Oxford Saïd will be looking for good communication skills, leadership potential, analytical skills, and fit with the Oxford MBA community. The prompts included prompts are as follows:

  • “Tell us something that is not covered in your application which you would like the Admissions Committee to know about you.” (250 Words Maximum)

For students applying under the Oxford 1+1 MBA scheme, the following essay needs to be submitted:

  • “Explain why you see this as particularly beneficial for you and how it fits with your career and personal development aims.” (250 Words Maximum)

Students reapplying will also be required to submit an additional essay as listed below:

  • “What improvements have you made in your candidacy since you last applied to the Oxford MBA?” (250 Words Maximum)

Oxford Saïd Business School Interview

woman being interviewed

Oxford Saïd Business School requires students to complete an interview before the final decision is made. These interviews are conducted by invitation only and are sent out after your initial application.

1. Speak Clearly and Concisely

Avoid telling a story you think Oxford wants to hear. Instead, align your MBA goals with Oxford’s mission to tell a cohesive narrative. Highlight your academic and work experience to drive your point home.

2. Review Your CV

The Oxford Saïd is not blind, meaning the interviewer will have full access to your CV and profile. Everything should connect without any gaps in the middle. Expect follow-up questions for clarification of different areas of your profile.

3. Prepare For a 30-Minute Interview

The entire interview will span 30 minutes, so make sure you prepare enough content to talk about. The interview will not just cover your background, but also why you feel like Oxford fits into your MBA goals.

4. Identify What Stands Out at Oxford

Why Oxford Saïd? Make sure you fully understand all components of this question as you don’t want to treat this school as just another application. Instead, take time to research the school and why it has only a 20% acceptance rate.

5. Try Not to Be Nervous

While it may seem challenging, a poor interview performance will not necessarily impact your admission decision, which should help reduce any pressure you might feel. Nonetheless, it's crucial to approach the interview with seriousness, as the fact that you've been contacted indicates they recognize your potential. Now, it's your opportunity to sell that impression.

Preparation for your MBA interview is critical. Research commonly asked MBA interview questions and prepare a few questions for your MBA interviewer


Applying to Oxford's Saïd Business School can be stressful. However, we’ve compiled several questions and answers to help make this process as hassle-free as possible.  

What Is The Structure Of The Oxford MBA Program?

The Saïd Oxford MBA program runs for one year from September to September, following Oxford University's three terms with an additional summer term. 

You will be expected to complete the core courses to develop your understanding of business fundamentals and leadership. After the core courses are complete, you can take on project work and choose electives to tailor your MBA experience to best suit your interests and aspirations.  

How High Should My GMAT Scores Be? How Difficult Is It To Get Into Oxford If My GMAT Scores Are Lower Than The Class Average?

Oxford's Saïd Business School recommends that candidates score 650 or above on their GMATs, but the school will accept all scores. 

Oxford is not currently waiving the GMAT/GRE requirement for applicants under any circumstances. Applications for the Oxford MBA are approached holistically. So, a lower score on your GMAT does not necessarily mean that you have no chance of acceptance, just like a high GMAT score does not necessarily guarantee your acceptance. 

The recommendation for candidates applying with the GRE is to have a score of 160 or more for verbal and quantitative. 

What Is The Online Assessment Like, And Do I Get To Practice?

You can register for the online assessment with Kira Talent after you have submitted your application. You can complete your online assessment anytime before the deadline for the round to which you have applied. 

While there are no right or wrong answers to these questions, the purpose of the assessment is not to be overly polished while pulling from previously formed responses. These video assessments show how well you can answer questions on the spot while displaying your personality.

You have unlimited practice time. Use this time to practice until you are comfortable answering the questions before going live with the assessments. Once you start on the actual evaluation, retakes are not permitted. 

Are There Scholarships Available For The Oxford Business Degree? 

Yes. Scholarships are available through Saïd Business School, Oxford University and its Colleges, or external sources. The recommendation for applying to scholarships is to apply as early as possible to maximize your opportunities. 

For most of these scholarships, your standard course application is the only requirement, but be sure to check each scholarship's conditions. You may be automatically considered for scholarships if you meet the eligibility requirements. 

If I Am Selected For An Interview, Do I Have To Travel To Oxford To Complete It?

Those accepted for an interview will be invited to Oxford, where you can explore the school and meet current students and staff. Interviews may also be conducted at specific locations in different countries, and your invitation will specify whether this option is available. 

Can I Reapply To The Oxford MBA Program If I Was Unsuccessful In A Past Application Cycle? 

Yes, you can reapply to get into Oxford's Saïd Business School. Let’s explore how to get into Oxford University as a reapplicant. 

Along with your supporting statement, you also need to provide a short response on how you have improved your application and candidacy since the last time you applied. You must submit an entirely new application and not recycle the application you used previously. 

What Will My Job Prospects Look Like Post-MBA?

The opportunities available to you after completing your MBA are excellent. In the employment report from past years, graduates' employment rate rose to 95 percent. 

In terms of the industries where MBA graduates were most likely to find employment, 40.5 percent of students seeking work found jobs in the global industry. Other careers that graduates were most likely to secure positions in included roles in finance (30.8 percent), consulting (16.8 percent), and impact careers (11.9 percent). 

Final Thoughts

Getting into Oxford's Saïd Business School can appear to be an intimidating process. But with the right amount of preparation and previous experience, you can maximize your chances of acceptance. 

Ensure that you meet all professional and experience requirements and obtain two letters of recommendation. Be sure to tailor your assessment to pique the interest of Oxford Saïd Business School’s admissions committee, and be genuine in your statement.  

Remember to keep your career aspirations and personal goals in mind and apply with honesty and intellect. With the strategies outlined in this article, you can put your best foot forward or, even better, get accepted to the business school of your dreams.

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