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Hult International Business School Acceptance Rate (2024) - Complete Guide

June 12, 2024
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Hult International Business School Acceptance Rate: 44% Hult International Business School Admissions StatisticsWhat is Hult International Business School Looking For In Applicants?Hult International Business School Admissions Requirements How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Into Hult International Business School Hult International Business School Essay PromptsHult International Business School InterviewFAQs

Hult International Business School consists of two schools, one in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the other in Hertfordshire, right outside London. The UK college was established in 1959, and the Massachusetts one in 1964. Both colleges merged operationally, combining their histories. 

Since its establishment, Hult boasts a truly multicultural environment for its MBA students through its program emphasis on international business and global professional literacy. In considering how to get into Hult International Business School, applicants must be ready to embrace a worldwide perspective and an affinity for adventure. 

Hult International Business School Acceptance Rate: 44%

The acceptance rate at Hult International Business School is 44%. This indicates that almost half of all applications received by the institution are offered admission. 

If you want to gain admission into Hult International Business School, ensure you keep your test score up and have the required application materials ready for submission. 

How Hard Is It to Get Into Hult International Business School 

With an acceptance rate of 44%, Hult International Business School is moderately selective in its admission process. While the acceptance rate reflects a certain level of selectivity, it also implies that a substantial portion of applicants have the opportunity to enroll, contributing to the school's diverse student body.

Hult International Business School Admissions Statistics

Looking at the school’s admissions statistics before applying is always smart. Below, we’ll cover Hult International Business School’s recent average GPA, GMAT score, GRE score, and average year of work experience. 

Hult International Business School Average GPA: 3.26

The average GPA of recently admitted students at Hult International Business School is 3.26. Although there is no minimum GPA requirement, if you want to attend Hult International Business School, you must aim for a GPA of 3.3 or higher. It’s always best to aim for a 4.0! 

Hult International Business School Average GMAT Score: 615

The average GMAT score for Hult International Business School admitted applicants is 615. Although 615 is considered low, Hult International Business School does not have a minimum GMAT score. If you want to be a competitive applicant, aim for a score of 615 or higher. 

Hult International Business School Average Year of Work Experience: 7 Years

The average work experience of admitted Hult International Business School students is seven years. This signifies that most of its students enter the program with a significant professional background. Applying to the program requires a minimum of three years of work experience. 

What Is Hult International Business School Looking For In Applicants?

Hult International Business School evaluates applications by looking for applicants who show the qualities necessary to make a positive impact both in the business field and on a global scale. This includes individuals who showcase academic excellence, passion, curiosity, inherent leadership capabilities, and a strong determination to succeed. 

With these criteria, Hult uses a thorough evaluation process that carefully assesses all aspects of each application to identify candidates who embody these desired traits.

Hult International Business School Admissions Requirements

Getting into Hult International Business School is moderately difficult and competitive. Below, we’ll go over the admission requirements so you know what to submit when applying.

To start your application, you’ll need to activate a profile to start the online application. Once you’ve done this, you will wait to be contacted by a member of the enrollment team. This phone call consultation allows the representative to discuss your suitability for the Hult MBA program and explain the next steps for your application. 

Hult International Business School Application Deadlines

To ensure you don’t miss any application deadlines, here is a table showing you the various deadlines. 

Application Round Deadline
Round 1 Late October
Round 2 Late December
Round 3 Late February
Round 4 Late April
Round 5 Late June
Round 6 Early September

Source: Hult International Business School 

Hult International Business School Regular Decision Deadline

Hult International Business School has six rounds of application deadlines. The next few rounds of applications are due February 29, April 30, and June 30. 

Hult International Business School Early Action Decision Deadline  

Hult International Business School’s early action decision deadlines for its undergraduate program are Early November and mid-December. If you missed this year's dates, don’t worry. Hult’s early action deadlines are the same time each year, so you can always apply next year! 

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Into Hult International Business School 

Knowing what’s required for your Hult International Business School application is only one step in preparing to start your Hult MBA journey. Your application should reflect more about you than just black-and-white test scores and grades. 

Here are some tips to help you stand out in your application:

Know How You’ve Arrived on Hult for the Next Step of Your Career

One of the most critical pieces of information the admissions committee wants to glean from your application is why you’ve chosen to pursue an education at Hult International Business School. While thinking about the answer, do not just consider why you feel a Hult MBA would benefit you and your aspirations. Take the time to think about which events and periods of growth helped aim your trajectory toward Hult.

When did you decide you wanted an MBA? What undergraduate experiences helped shape the passions you want to build upon while at Hult? Are you drawn to a particular Hult campus location for professional or personal reasons? Even if your application does not include all of these details verbatim, keeping them in mind will aid you in creating a more precise application that reflects a sincere interest in Hult International Business School.

Make Your Goals for Your Career Path Clear, and Justify Them

Of course, the Hult admissions committee is interested in your abilities and goals in the classroom. However, they are also invested in knowing what you plan to do with your Hult MBA once you graduate and its role in your long-term career objectives.

The best, and possibly only, section where you can expand on this answer is in your personal statement essay. This is not to say it should be your personal statement's main or only message. It is worth including, though, as your personal statement should be your educational and professional story.

This story would consist of your background, what led you to Hult, and your prospective future, what you’ll make of yourself after Hult. When reading this information, the admissions committee will better understand what will motivate you through your MBA studies, and they will feel more secure about your drive to do well at Hult. ‍

Make a Schedule Around Essential Dates/Deadlines

The strictest parameters for your Hult application will be the deadlines. Failing to submit by a deadline will sink your application before it’s even had a chance to swim. So, clearly put every deadline and decision date on your calendar and use these as mile-markers for your work compiling your application. 

Many services help you plan for your efforts in compiling and reinforcing your application so that your schedule doesn’t succumb to disorganization.

Hult International Business School Essay Prompts

Hult International Business School does not require supplemental essays; however, it does require a personal statement. The brief (400-500 words) statement should outline your intentions if you were to be accepted into Hult. 

Hult International Business School Interview

Hult International Business School requires an in-person or video call personal assessment interview. The school is focused on the future and uses the interview to learn more about applicants' goals, plans, and dreams. It’s a two-way street, and Hult appreciates applicants who also ask their interviewers questions and seem engaged. 


If you have questions about Hult, check out these frequently asked questions. 

1. What Is the Difference Between a Joint Degree and a Dual Degree?

A joint degree is a program where you study two disciplines simultaneously and graduate with a degree that reflects expertise in both, like a Philosophy and English MBA. A dual degree, on the other hand, means that you study two different subjects, one after the other.

When you graduate from a dual degree program, you receive two separate degrees, so it's more akin to double majoring in your undergrad. Both options have their own benefits for the right student.

A joint degree shows that you are an expert in the overlap between your two areas of study and have sound knowledge of both independently. A dual degree demonstrates expertise in both subjects at the level of anyone else with those emphases. Both can help differentiate you from a pool of qualified MBAs. Still, they communicate different things about you as a student and professional, so keep that in mind when considering these choices.

2. What Are the Benefits of Doing my Master’s Fully Online or in a Hybrid Format?

For one, both the online MBA track and the hybrid are significantly cheaper than studying in-person on a Hult campus. While the program fee for the Hult Executive MBA is $85,000, the Hybrid MBA costs $55,000, and the Live Online MBA costs $37,900. With both of these options, you’ll still be getting direct instruction from a qualified professor in a setting where you’ll also be able to interact with fellow students.

3. Is There a Way to Travel While I’m Obtaining My MBA?

You can absolutely travel while getting your Hult MBA; after all, the institution is founded on ideas of becoming a global student. One way to pursue this goal is to, as mentioned previously, take your classes online so that you can log in from anywhere and get a complete and consistent education.

4. Do I Need to be an International Student or Speak Multiple Languages to Have a Good Chance of Being Accepted to Hult?

It is not required for applicants to be bilingual, multilingual, or to have lived in a country different from where you’ll be studying. That being said, with an educational format as focused on global mindsets as Hult’s, you are certainly a more preferred candidate if you have had experiences in other parts of the world.

5. From Whom Should My Letters of Recommendation Come?

Conventionally, the writers of your letters of recommendation should be professional or academic mentors who also know you in a more personal way. They should be able to speak to your accomplishments in school or at work and corroborate your strengths and best characteristics.

6. What Should I Discuss in My Personal Statement?

Given the short word limit of 400 to 500 words, the personal statement portion of your application cannot include every relevant detail of your background and personal achievements. 

Take into account what information the admissions committee will learn from other parts of your applications; you don’t want to waste your personal statement expanding on work experience or education that is already reflected in your letters of recommendation, resume, or transcripts. Write about an influential experience that you’ve had that affected your career goals or a struggle that you overcame to achieve something to which you had set your mind.

Final Thoughts

Getting into Hult International Business School is undoubtedly an ambition with its own specific considerations. The most significant draw to an education from Hult lies in its internationally-minded curriculum and educational format. Given this, in addition to its history and unique program structures, Hult International Business School is truly the only institution of its kind.

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