University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Steve made it to booth at 35 years old

University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Steve was working as a supply chain manager at a Fortune 500 aerospace company.
He started working with us a year ahead through our MBA Next Year Service and later on through Final Package Editing
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Mechanical Engineering from a Top 10 Engineering School
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Aerospace Supply Chain Manager


Steve's career goal was to join the management team of the aerospace company, by he lacked an understanding of finance. In order to focus on building knowledge in that space, he wanted to apply to a top finance-focused business school. The challenge was that at 35 years, he was older than the median class age and his story would have to justify the “why now” question.

How Did Inspira Futures Help?

Well Mapped Out MBA Journey

Because Steve started working with us one year before his MBA application, we were able to work closely with him to guide him on what projects he should be taking up at work and what co-curricular activities he should become involved in. Through regular check-ins, we worked with Steve in developing his MBA storyline based on the progress at work. This cadence also helped Steve retake the GMAT and improve his score from 680 to 730, as our team encouraged him to focus on building a strong application all around.

More Experience Means More Stories of Leadership

We looked at Steve’s work experience and saw a clear trend of his focus on long term impact. Throughout his career, he had always chosen projects that were hard in terms of execution but had a huge impact on the company and the industry. Those choices had provided a plethora of stories that showed Steve leading and motivating teams to bring some of those ideas to fruition. Our essay editing team ensured that his essays and scholarship applications highlighted this, as the average MBA applicant would not have such experiences to portray. By highlighting Steve's extensive leadership experience, we were able to use his long work history to his advantage.


Steve had applied to Booth School of Business, Wharton School, NYU Stern, and Columbia Business School. He got admits from Booth, NYU Stern and Columbia Business School. He was also offered a merit-based scholarship by Booth and NYU Stern. He chose to go with Booth.

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“Just heard from the admissions team and I am in at Booth! I am so happy and I want to THANK YOU for making this happen. I know this has been a 1.5 year exercise of working together but you have challenged me to think deeply about my profile. Your encouragement to have me redo GMAT increased my chances so much. Your precise edits and honest suggestions have paid off big time. I am so glad that I hired you to help me with the application and we hit bulls-eye since this is my dream school and my top pick. I am going to recommend you to all my friends”

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