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The Yale SOM Interview (2024) - A Detailed Look

January 31, 2024
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So, you've submitted your application to the Yale School of Management (SOM), and now they are inviting you to interview! This is exciting news; receiving an interview invitation means that the admissions committee saw potential in your application and now wants to get to know you even better. 

However, while this is excellent news, you may feel panic start to set in, especially if you've never interviewed for an MBA program before. What should you say? What kinds of questions will they ask you? How can you make the best impression possible? 

All of these are valid questions to ask but don't worry too much. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Yale SOM interview and help you show your interviewer that you are the right pick for the school.

Sample Yale SOM Interview Questions

The interview is a crucial part of any MBA program’s admissions process, and the MBA interview is no exception. If you've received an invitation to interview, it means that you've already made a good impression on the admissions committee. They already believe that you have what it takes to succeed at Yale SOM, and now they want to see how well you will fit into the school.

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The following are examples of questions that interviewers have asked MBA candidates in past admissions cycles:

  • What would you change about your organization?

For this question, you should provide a detailed response of what you would change and the steps you would take to change it. By doing this, you can show your interviewer that you can identify issues and utilize problem-solving skills to make effective changes to better your organization.

  • What kind of friction do you have with your manager? How to overcome them?

In any workplace, there is bound to be some friction between a manager and employee. For this question, make sure that you don't avoid giving an honest answer. You should not respond by saying that your boss gets onto you for working too hard or that your manager has told you not to be such a perfectionist. 

These situations are not actual instances of friction, and if you answer in this way, your interviewer might think that you are trying to evade the question.

Rather, focus on situations where there was real contention between you and your manager and how you approached a resolution. By doing this, you can show your interviewer that even in the face of hardship, you can work hard to overcome difficulties and make things work.

  • How would you get involved at Yale SOM?

Yale SOM has a keen interest in MBA candidates that will contribute to the academic and social atmosphere of the program. Ensure that you do your research on any clubs, organizations, or initiatives at Yale SOM and talk about those that interest you most.

Also, look into internships and opportunities to study abroad that might catch your attention. This will showcase how you get involved outside of the classroom.

  • Talk about a difficult situation you have experienced at work. Explain with details.

As in the question above about friction with your manager, you should answer this question as honestly as possible. Do not try to avoid the question; Rather, discuss a situation that was truly an obstacle for you and explain how you overcame it. By doing this, you can show your interviewer that you can operate well in times of duress. 

Sample interview questions

With each of these questions, you should try to answer as truthfully as possible. Don't try to tell your interviewer what you think they want to hear. Instead, focus on why you chose this program, what it can offer you, and how you will fit in at the Yale SOM. 

How to Prepare for the Yale SOM Interview

As with most things, preparing for the MBA interview is vital (as well as your essay). There are a variety of things that you can do to prepare for the meeting, including:

  • Researching the school
  • Practicing with sample questions
  • Ironing out the logistics
  • Participate in mock interviews
  • Prepping questions to ask your interviewer

Overall preparing for the interview will help you be able to gain a sense of how well you will fit into the Yale SOM, but you will also show your interviewer that you care deeply about the program and what it has to offer.

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Top Tips on How to Successfully Ace the Yale SOM Interview

There are multiple strategies that you can employ to ace your MBA interview.

First, whether virtually or in-person, try to arrive early. Your arrival is the first impression that your interviewer will have of you, and showing up early portrays dedication and respect for the interviewer’s time. 

As the interview begins, be sure that you show that you have done your research. Your answers should not be generic to any MBA program; You should take the time to tailor your responses specifically toward the Yale SOM. 

Mention particular organizations that you want to be involved in, classes you are excited to take, or instructors you hope to meet. Doing this will show your interviewer that you care about the program.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to spend a few seconds thinking about your responses. It is much more beneficial to take a moment to organize your thoughts than to try to answer immediately and possibly mess it up. 

Ask your interviewer if you can take a few moments, and then, if possible, try to pull your answers from the sample questions that you practiced earlier. 

The interviewer may ask you questions that were not on your practice list, but that’s okay. Just make sure that your answers are concise, exhibit your strengths, and convey an honest image of who you are.

You should also try to avoid selling yourself short. It may feel natural to be very modest about your accomplishments, but remember that the goal of the interview is to show your interviewer the full extent of your talent and abilities. 

However, be careful that you don't seem too arrogant, either. Try to find a compromise; be confident in talking about your successes, and avoid being too modest or vain.

Try to stay relaxed and casual with your answers, and don’t be afraid to ask questions at the end. By doing this, you can ensure that you are putting your best foot forward and show your interviewer that you are a good fit for the program.


Here are some frequently asked questions you might find helpful. 

1. What Is the Format of the Yale SOM Interview?

The Yale SOM utilizes a blind interview format, meaning that the person conducting the interview will have no prior knowledge of you outside of your resume.

2. Who Conducts the Yale SOM Interview?

Typically, for in-person meetings, a second-year Yale SOM student will conduct the interview. However, if you cannot visit the campus, the Yale SOM admissions committee members will conduct the meeting.

3. How Long Is the Yale SOM Interview?

The interview is about 30 minutes long.

4. Is the Yale SOM Interview More Important Than the Initial Application?

No. DelMonico says, “The interview is just one data point that we consider in making an admissions decision; it does not have any more weight than any other element.”

5. If I Choose to Interview Virtually for Yale SOM, Will That Put Me at a Disadvantage?

No. Students often choose to interview virtually because they cannot make it to the campus. Yale SOM has structured its interview process using methods that limit bias, which means that all candidates answer the same questions and are evaluated against the same criteria, whether virtually or in person. 

6. Is There Anything That I Should Do After My Yale SOM Interview?

While it is not required, sending a thank you letter to your interviewer is a great way to show your appreciation and make a final good impression. Thank them for their time, mention specific things that you enjoyed discussing, and let them know that you are looking forward to hearing from them soon.


The Yale SOM interview can seem quite intimidating at first, but it is reassuring to know that there are multiple steps that you can take to prepare for this meeting. Take the time to research the program again and review your resume to tailor your answers to the school. Also, make sure to go over practice questions beforehand so that you are not blindsided by any questions. 

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