MBA Waitlist Strategy

Only a small percentage of waitlisted candidates get accepted. Each institution expects something different from waitlisted candidates. Our MBA waitlist strategy service will help you think through how to draft compelling letters of continuing interest based on your background and which school you’ve applied to.
Only a small percentage of waitlisted candidates get accepted. Each institution expects something different from waitlisted candidates.

We will help you think through how to draft compelling letters of continuing interest based on your background and which school you’ve applied to.
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Review your entire application package

We do a complete assessment of each aspect of your application, right from your essays to test scores. This allows us to understand your background and recommend a strategy that aligns with your experiences and strengths.
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Receive actionable suggestions for how to communicate with the Admissions Committee

Based on the review of your application documents, we provide actionable next steps and create a framework to engage with the admission committee. We will also guide you on how to answer specific questions that admissions committee will ask you when you are waitlisted.
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A unique approach for each institution

Each admissions committee is looking for unique characteristics when deciding who to admit from the waitlist. Some are trying to increase professional diversity whereas some others are looking for someone with a higher test score. We help you create an engagement strategy that takes all these factors into consideration.
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Brainstorm Ideas With Our Experienced Team

Our Graduate Coach will schedule a 60-minute call to discuss each aspect of the communication plan in detail. We will answer any and all questions you might have.

Our Extensive Experience Supporting Waitlisted MBA Candidates

Waitlist candidates supported
More likely than the general population to go from waitlist to admit
Waitlist specialists on our team

Hear from Our Successful Applicants

“With Inspira’s help, I got off of the HBS waitlist! When I originally got waitlisted I had no idea what to do, if I should send them updated info, reach out to anyone, etc. I ended up speaking with Inspira’s team, and they helped me craft a communication strategy that reinforced my qualifications for HBS. I never expected to get off the waitlist, but I really think that Inspira’s strategy is what made the difference for me.”

GMAT Score: 730
GPA: 3.7
Accepted to:
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GMAT Score: 680
GPA: 3.8
Accepted to:
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“I was originally crushed when I was waitlisted at Wharton and Stanford, because I knew so few people get off of the waitlist. I am so glad that I worked with Inspira to develop a strategy and submitting extra documents, because I will now be attending Wharton in the fall!”


GMAT Score: 680
GPA: 3.8
Accepted to:
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“Just got a call from Booth and they have offered me an acceptance from the waitlist. I will certainly let you know what I decide but wanted to send you an update first. I certainly wouldn’t have this opportunity if it weren’t for your support and guidance throughout the waitlist period.”


GMAT Score: 700
GPA: 3.6
Accepted to:
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“With the help of Inspira, I got off the waitlist of both INSEAD and LBS. My consultant provided me a framework to write a letter to the adcom detailing updates in my professional life and also reiterating my interest in those schools. I was super unsure about what that type of letter should look like so I was really glad to get their help. My consultant was so knowledgeable, and had great advice, good edits, and was also just a really kind person to work with during such a stressful time.”


GMAT Score: 690
GPA: 3.4
Accepted to:
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“After a few weeks on Kellogg’s waitlist, I’m extremely thrilled to say that I was accepted last week and will be attending Kellogg in the fall. The waitlist process and subsequent communication with the adcom was honestly more stressful than the application itself. I am so grateful for Inspira’s help through this process. Not only were they prepared with a plan of how to navigate waitlists, but they also managed to keep me calm and sane as I waited. If anyone is as nervous and anxious about being waitlisted as I was, I highly recommend working with Inspira for that final shot to get into your dream school.”


GMAT Score: 710
GPA: 3.8
Accepted to:
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We Help You Build an Airtight MBA Waitlist Strategy

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Get Off the Waitlist and Into Your Dream MBA Program

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Waitlist Strategy

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Do you guarantee that you can get me off the waitlist?

Do we guarantee that we’ll help you craft a narrative that you’ll be happy with? Absolutely! Do we guarantee that you’ll get accepted at schools where you’ve been waitlisted? Absolutely not! Our goal is to help you pinpoint why you’ve been put on the waitlist, and surface and package experience that can help you get accepted.

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How many students get off the waitlist?

It varies every year. The number of students getting off the waitlist changes every year depending on how many admits accept, reject, or defer their offer. Some years as many as 50% of the students on the waitlist are accepted whereas some years no students make it off the waitlist.

One thing’s for sure - you can’t control how many students will make it off the waitlist. All you can do is give it your best.

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Who creates my waitlist strategy?

Your waitlist strategy is created by our superstar team of Graduate Coaches, writing experts, and former Admissions Committee members. They review the overall narrative, grammar, sentence structure, and leadership experiences while analyzing your application. The waitlist strategy is then packaged and communicated to you by a Graduate Coach, who is an alum of a top business school.

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How do you create my waitlist strategy?

The fact that you made it to the waitlist means you have a really good profile and application. However, something was lacking. Our team reviews your entire application and pinpoints areas where there might have been gaps. We then suggest additional experiences that you can highlight or things you can do to overcome those gaps.

We have a separate waitlist strategy for each school since every school’s guidance on how to communicate with the Admissions Committee is different.

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What do you need from me to create this waitlist strategy?

You will receive information about all that you need to provide in the confirmation email. In general, we recommend that you overshare - please provide everything from test scores to short answers and essays to reference letters (if available). Also, feel free to share any information that is not included in your application documents but you think will be helpful for us to know.

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