Letter of Recommendation Strategy for Your MBA Application

Wondering who to select as your recommender? Thinking about how to engage and support them? Our MBA letter of recommendation strategy service helps you select the right recommenders and provides a template to help them draft letters that complement your essays and resume.
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Determine who to select as your recommenders

Evaluate factors such as seniority, title, familiarity with your work and projects to decide which recommenders you should engage for each institution.
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Think through how to best support them

Every recommendation is a chance to describe unique experiences and character traits such as humility, which might otherwise be difficult to describe through essays. Create a plan that takes every aspect into consideration.
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Create a unique strategy for each recommender

Each recommender’s background and level of familiarity with your projects is different. We will help you create a framework to work with each recommender based on their background and the school you are applying to.
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Our Extensive Experience Helping Perfect Letters of Recommendation

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Industries across which we’ve supported recommenders

Who Would’ve Thought Choosing and Supporting Recommenders Could Be So Straightforward!

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Success Stories from Inspira Alumni

“The Inspira team was so helpful in creating a strategy for my LOR. I was unsure about who to ask for recommendations, because I was closer to an associate at my firm but heard that you should only get letters of rec from senior partners. With my Inspira consultant, we were able to strategize in order to select recommenders that would complement each other in terms of how well they knew me, their level of seniority, and their ability to speak to my different strengths. I ended up selecting a fellow associate and a principal - it clearly worked out, because I’m going to Haas in the fall!”


GMAT Score: 730
GPA: 3.7
Accepted to:
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“I don’t come from a traditional consulting/finance background, so my recommenders weren’t used to writing letters of rec for business schools. Inspira Futures helped create a guide for them, tailored to my personal experiences and accomplishments, so that they would be able to use the framework to write recommendations that fit what the admissions committees were looking for and also complemented the rest of my application. My recommenders said it was super helpful for them, and I think those letters of rec were crucial in showing how my non-traditional background would be an asset to an MBA program.”


GMAT Score: 710
GPA: 3.2
Accepted to:
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“Inspira went above and beyond to make sure my recommendations were top notch. My consultant interacted with my recommenders independently, preserving confidentiality and providing them feedback from a third party’s point of view. He made sure that the recommendations were highlighting strengths and skills that complemented the rest of my application and that they directly addressed values important to top business schools.”


GMAT Score: 730
GPA: 3.4
Accepted to:
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“I am so grateful for Inspira’s guidance through the LOR process. I went to undergrad in China and now work there as well, so many of my recommenders were unsure about how to write recommendations for US schools. My Inspira consultant had work experience in China and went to a US b-school so he was super knowledgeable about the types of concerns my recommenders may have and cultural differences in writing LOR. He created a framework to help my recommenders think through the process and also personally answered their questions, from how to phrase certain experiences to tech difficulties in the LOR upload process. It was a really crazy time at work for me, so it was such a blessing to have their help!”


GMAT Score: 710
GPA: 3.5
Accepted to:
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“My recommenders all had nice things to say in the LOR, but it didn’t seem like they were necessarily adding anything new. Arush was crucial in speaking with my recommenders to identify work experiences and instances of leadership that would show the intangible characteristics that are hard to describe in other areas of the application. With Arush’s help, my recommenders were able to write LOR to both show concrete achievements and the soft skills that the admissions committee expects. I think it was these strong letters of rec that differentiated me from other applicants and got me into Wharton, my dream school!”


GMAT Score: 730
GPA: 3.8
Accepted to:
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Letter of Recommendation Strategy

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How do you help me choose recommenders?

A recommender is doing you a huge favor by taking the time to write about your background and experience. Recommendation letters are long and schools often make recommenders answer multiple questions about a candidate. Also, there are several traits such as your strong sense of ethics or personable character that are appropriate to mention in a reference letter but are difficult to describe in your essays.

Given how important your recommendation letters are, it is important to choose the right recommenders and support them well. And you probably have a lot of questions about how to do that. Should I ask a very senior manager who doesn’t know me well or my boss who knows me very well but is not very senior? How early should I start engaging them? What sort of guidance do I provide these recommenders?

We take a lot of these factors into consideration when we help you choose the right recommenders. Through our intake form, we understand your background, industry, experiences, and who your potential recommenders might be. This gives us a solid understanding of who you should choose and what you should request them to highlight.

Next, our Graduate Coach, who is an alum of a top business school gets on a call with you to discuss our insights and brainstorm a strategy around how to select and support your recommenders. These recommendations are school-specific since your recommendation should align with a school’s values and expectations.

Depending on your need, we are also happy to focus the discussion on specific aspects of your recommender strategy such as choosing the right recommenders, helping them highlight specific traits, etc. If you want us to focus on a particular topic, just be sure to let us know when you fill out the intake form.

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Will you support me beyond just helping me choose the right recommenders?

Absolutely! There are many different things to consider when you choose and support recommenders. We help you with every single aspect.

In the past, we have realized that focusing on two or three aspects of the recommender strategy might be the most efficient way of using our 60-minute conversation. Our intake form asks you where you’d like us to focus. You can choose things such as ‘help me select a recommender’, ‘help my recommender describe certain experiences’, ‘help me decide how to engage my recommender’, etc.

We have an in-depth conversation about each topic and provide concrete, actionable tips, and next steps that you can use to get yourself the best recommendation possible. You can always schedule additional time if you wish to go deeper on other aspects of your recommendation. Nearly half of our candidates purchase two slots to discuss their entire recommender strategy.

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Will you work directly with my recommender if needed?

Yes, we are happy to work with recommenders directly. In the past, we have had one-on-one conversations with recommenders on how to narrate an applicant’s experience and which strengths to communicate.

If you want us to work directly with your recommender, please mention it in your intake form. Let us know what you would like us to support them with. Also, please inform your recommender that we will be reaching out to schedule a call.

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When should I use this service?

Candidates use this service at different times depending on their needs. Some use it before they even start their applications to discuss which recommenders to select. Others work with us a few weeks before the deadline to get brainstorm specific experiences they want their references to mention. A number of applicants purchase this service multiple times to select and support recommenders.

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Who creates my LOR strategy?

Your waitlist strategy is created by our superstar team of Graduate Coaches and former Admissions Committee members. Once you provide information about your background and ambitions, and how we can best support you through our intake form, our Graduate Coaches create a comprehensive recommender selection and engagement strategy. This is reviewed by a second team member who has extensive experience supporting candidates get accepted at your school of interest to make sure it aligns with the values and expectations of each institution.

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