Background-Based MBA Essay Editing

Every word, sentence, incident, and experience you describe leaves an impression on the Admissions Committee. With our MBA essay editing service, you can be confident it’s the right impression.
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Here’s How We Can Help With Your Essay

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Perfect your grammar, readability, and punctuation

Each essay goes through 2 rounds of proofreading to uncover any errors in grammar, readability, punctuation, and typography.
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Make your story compelling and engaging

We help you draft a coherent narrative that highlights your strongest experiences. Our goal is to help you communicate your strengths and experiences such that you are able to do justice to your candidacy.
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Tailor your style to meet the Admissions Committee’s expectations

Each business school is different. We help you make sure your essay’s tone and language matches each school’s expectations.
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Our Extensive MBA Essay Editing Experience

Essays reviewed
Criteria used to analyze essays
Essay specialists on Inspira's team

Who Would’ve Thought Drafting the Perfect Essay Is This Straightforward!

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Hear From Inspira Alumni

“The Inspira team gives a huge amount of detailed feedback on your essays - it was really humbling, because I didn’t think my essays would need so many edits. Their feedback was super on-point, detailed, and showed a clear framework for next steps to improve my essays. I would definitely recommend applicants set aside enough time to give the essay review the time it deserves, the Inspira team gives a quick turnaround but the comments and changes can be time-intensive.”


GMAT Score: 730
GPA: 3.7
Accepted to:
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“I used the essay editing service for my R1 application to Booth and then for my R2 application to Sloan and Haas. The whole process was simple and straightforward -  I sent in my application through my portal, got a confirmation, and then received edits and comments three days later. Their recommendations were thorough and easy to follow, I would highly recommend this service to other people looking for an intensive final review.”


GMAT Score: 710
GPA: 3.2
Accepted to:
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“When I submitted my application to Inspira, I was honestly just looking for validation that my essays were good before sending them in - I didn’t think I’d need much extra help, maybe just the rewording of a couple sentences. But after speaking with my consultant, I learned my essays needed TONS of work. At a surface level, my essays were good and well written, but they were lacking in stories that showed my leadership experience and related skills. With the help of Inspira, I was able to entirely rework my essays so that they demonstrated my leadership skills and better showed who I was as a person and as a professional. I am so glad that I spoke to Inspira before submitting my application, I don’t think I would have gotten in to HBS without their help!”


GMAT Score: 730
GPA: 3.4
Accepted to:
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“As an international applicant from India, it was really important to get unbiased feedback on my application. You guys exactly provided me with that. For open-ended questions like those of HBS and GSB, it is really hard to build a framework and thus the answers can go in any direction. My consultants provided me with some amazing edits on my essays and got my story to finally flow well. On top of that, it was so good to get grammar and vocab edits as English is not my first language”


GMAT Score: 760
GPA: 3.7
Accepted to:
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“I used the essay editing package because while I was confident in most aspects of my application, my essays were only ok. Inspira Futures was able to take my essays to the next level with super on-point editing and storytelling advice so that I would have the best chance of admission at my top schools. They had a super quick turnaround, provided precise comments based on my profile, and I had an amazingly knowledgeable consultant who was there to answer any of my questions and to talk me through their edits. The final essay I ended up submitting was so powerful - it showed who I was and why business school would help me turn my dreams into a reality. I cannot recommend the Inspira editing services enough for people like me who just need to ensure their essays are top-notch!”


GMAT Score: 730
GPA: 3.8
Accepted to:
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You’re one step away from creating an amazing essay

You will receive an email once you checkout with information on how to submit your essay. Our Graduate Coach will reach out with an edited version within 3 business days.


Background-Based Essay Editing

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Who reviews and provides feedback on my application?

Each essay goes through two layers of screening and edits. Your essay gets assigned to a Graduate Coach. We try to assign it to a Coach who has worked in your industry and attended a school that you're applying to.

They review the story and overall narrative to make sure the achievements and leadership examples you describe are compelling and that the story flows well. The Coach's industry experience allows them to gauge if the experiences you’ve described can be written in a more compelling and cohesive manner.

They also evaluate the essay for grammar, readability, and punctuation. They also look at things such as sentence length and the use of active/passive voice. The feedback they provide helps you make sure your essay is error-free and easy to read.

Finally, each essay is reviewed by a second Graduate Coach. They do a final review to make sure it meets the expectation of the Admissions Committee of the school you’re applying to.

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Do you just suggest edits to my essay?

No, in addition to suggesting edits, we also provide feedback on your overall narrative and story. We will redline your document and leave comments. These redlines and comments are concrete, specific, and actionable. However, in keeping with the honor code of business schools, we will not make any changes to the actual essay. It is up to you to make those.

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Is this service for me?

This service is for you if you’re confident that you have at least a solid first draft of your essay that is ready to be reviewed. If you’re struggling to create the first draft, you might want to consider our All-Inclusive Service.

One way to make sure your essay is ready to be reviewed is by getting a friend/parent/sibling to review the essay for following before submitting it to us:

  • Is the language overly flowery, literary, or technical? Or is it conversational and easy to read?
  • Am I the only person in the world this essay can describe or is it too generic?
  • Does this essay do justice to my leadership skills?
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I’d like to get feedback over the phone. Can you guys do that?

We have found that it is way more productive both for you and us to do it over email. First off, it’s easy to provide feedback on grammar, tone, structure, and story via email. Everything is documented for your ease and you don’t need to take notes.

Also, It creates a realistic simulation of the actual process. When you submit your essay to the admissions committee, you won’t have the option of explaining your story over the phone.

Please mention any specific aspects of your essays that you’d like us to review when you check out.

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I also worked with you on other aspects of my application (i.e., school selection, resume review, etc.). How do you make sure the feedback I am getting is consistent?

The same team that helped you out with your previous service will work on this aspect of the application as well. A team gets ‘assigned’ to you after you’ve worked with us once. This ensures continuity.

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