Before You Submit: A Final Review of Your MBA Application

Want to know how the Admission Committee will evaluate your application? Our MBA application review service gives you detailed feedback on the complete application from our expert team of Graduate Coaches and former Admissions Committee members. We provide actionable next steps to improve every aspect of your application right from grammar and clarity to content and story flow so that when you hit the submit button you know you have given your best.
Want to know how the Admission Committee will evaluate your application? Our service gives you detailed feedback on the complete application from former Admissions Committee members.

We provide actionable next steps to improve every aspect of your application right from grammar and clarity to content and story flow so that when you hit the submit button you know you have given your best.
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Support for Every Application Document

We review every application document including resume, essays, short answers, and more. Your test score (if available) is also taken into consideration while providing feedback.
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Comprehensive Feedback Based on 50+ Criteria

Each application document goes through a series of stringent reviews. We perform grammar checks and conduct dictation analysis. Next, our team of Graduate Coaches and former Admissions Committee members also provides feedback on how coherent your story is and the relevance of your experiences.
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A Different Approach for Every School

One application essay doesn’t fit all. That’s why our experienced team, coming from the top business schools of the world, will ensure each application document is reviewed keeping in mind each school’s brand traits and cultural differences.
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One-On-One Consult with Graduate Coach

After we send your edited package, our Graduate Coach will schedule a call to walk you through the changes and answer any questions you might have.

Download the ultimate checklist to make sure that your application is good to go

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Our Results And Experience

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Hear From Inspira Alumni

“I worked with Arush for the final application review and it was such a unique and helpful service that I didn’t know I needed. He reviewed my applications for the four schools that I applied to, all on a quick turnaround. Arush's feedback was super detailed, tailored to each school, and brought out distinct parts of my story that deserved greater emphasis in my applications. Arush clearly  explained each aspect of his team's feedback along with recommendations on how to improve. This was a super helpful service that really refined my application.”


GMAT Score: 730
GPA: 3.7
Accepted to:
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“The final review was a super helpful way to get a macro-level perspective on my application. After speaking with Inspira, I learned that while my documents were good individually, they weren’t complementing each other or tying into a greater personal narrative. The comments they gave clearly showed where I could improve my documents and how I could tie my resume, essays, and short answers together. They helped me zero in on a few stories and create a focused application with a clear answer on why an MBA will help my future career plans.”


GMAT Score: 710
GPA: 3.2
Accepted to:
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“Really satisfied with the quick turnaround, quality of edits, and the caliber of Arush and his team. The communication was incredible. He always patiently explained to me all the changes and took the time to talk through all of my questions and concerns.  I could clearly feel how invested he was in helping me get accepted at my dream business school”


GMAT Score: 710
GPA: 3.8
Accepted to:
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“Botong was a remarkable coach. He was equally helpful on the macro items (which schools were a good fit, what the full application cycle looks like, etc.) as he was on the small details that were unique to specific applications. He and his team provided structured edits and Botong also made himself available to answer any and all questions. Botong’s background in investing was really helpful because he was able to speak first-hand about how to articulate accomplishments in the field in an easily understood way, how to explain how the skills and knowledge I had acquired would be helpful in an MBA, and why the MBA was a critical next step.”


GMAT Score: 670
GPA: 3.2
Accepted to:
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“I worked with Botong on my Wharton application and I highly recommend him and Inspira to anyone else looking for specific application support services. I came to Inspira with a strong understanding of how I wanted to portray myself in my application and had already completed drafts of my application. Botong and Jack quickly validated which sections of my drafted application resonated well and which sections required work. Their approach was structured, detailed, collaborative, and most importantly, highly critical, resulting in a strong application that wove a single theme/thread throughout. I was accepted to Wharton and I can’t thank the Inspira team enough!”


GMAT Score: 720
GPA: 3.1
Accepted to:
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Let’s See How We Can Improve Your MBA Application Before You Hit Submit!

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You’re One Step Away from Sending in the Perfect MBA Application

You will receive an email once you checkout with information on how to submit your application package. Our Graduate Coach will reach out with an edited version within 5-7 business days.


Final Application Review

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What type of feedback do you provide?

We provide both tactical and high-level feedback on your entire application. This includes your overall story, narrative, grammar, language, tone, and sentence structure for your resume, short answers, essays, and any other information the school asks for. 

We also provide feedback on the readability of your application. The best applications are those that are written in simple English. You don’t need to and shouldn’t use academic, literary, or technical words. 

Our Graduate Coaches evaluate your story and leadership experiences. They also ensure the grammar is correct and that the application is easy to read. Your application then goes through a final review to assess what you can change or improve to bring it up to the standards that top Admissions Committees expect.

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How will you evaluate my application?

We have a different evaluation process for each school. This process is set up to align with the qualities that each school expects and the values it represents.

Our larger team is broken into sub-teams that specialize in evaluating applications for each school. As soon as you upload all your documents, our project team starts to work on your application. First, our Graduate Coaches make sure that your overall story and narrative flow well. They also ensure that your leadership experiences are impactful.

Next, our team provides comments and makes edits for grammar, readability, tone, and sentence structure. Our Coaches get into the weeds and ensure your punctuations are correct and that you aren’t making excessive use of passive voice.

Finally, our experts evaluate the entire application and provide feedback to give you a perspective on how your application will fare on d-day. The criteria they use to evaluate your application are the same that actual Admissions Committees use. They are updated every year to ensure you are getting the most relevant and up-to-date insights.

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How do you provide feedback?

We will redline your Word documents and leave comments. We take the honor code of each business school very seriously and make sure our edits are always in line with what they expect.

An application has many documents and we understand there can be a lot to unpack from our feedback. Hence, we also offer a call with our Graduate Coach, who is a business school alum to discuss your application.

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When should I submit my documents to you?

Our feedback is very comprehensive. Based on the quality of your application, we might or might not suggest that you change part of your story. Hence, we suggest submitting your documents at least 1.5-2 weeks before the final submission deadline.

It usually takes applicants a week to make the changes we suggest. So please don’t submit your application at the last minute.

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What if I want to get my application reviewed more than once?

Whenever you need us, we are there for you. We are happy to review your application multiple times. Although most applicants use this service after they’ve written their entire application, many select this service after taking a first pass at their application and then again when it is final. This helps them make sure that they start off with the most compelling stories and experiences and end with a full polished ready-to-go application.

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My dream is to go to Harvard or Stanford. Will this service guarantee admission to those schools?

Do you have the best shot at Harvard or Stanford (or whatever your dream school is) if you use this service? Absolutely! Do we guarantee that using this service will get you accepted? Absolutely not!

This service will give you an honest and fair assessment of how the Admissions Committee will evaluate your application. It will also provide actionable feedback on what you can do to make your application stand out. If you incorporate our feedback, your story is guaranteed to have a leg up against your peers.

That being said, the time constraints associated with this offering give us a limited opportunity to craft your story from the ground up. To further maximize your chances of getting accepted at your dream school, use our All-Inclusive Service, where we help you create the best story from day 1.

Ready for a Final Application Review?

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