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Executive MBA

Complete Start-To-Finish Application Support

Support for every single detail of your application. Right from start to perfection, we help you select best-fit schools, write and edit essays, prepare for interviews, and more.
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$ 4,500 
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We also offer single service packages to help you no matter where you are on your MBA journey.

Best-Fit School Selection Strategy

Data driven assessment of your personality, background, and interests along with a one-on-one conversation with an experienced admissions expert to help you determine the best-fit business schools.
$ 500 

School-Specific Resume Editing

Accurate proofreading and intuitive editing by experienced editors to improve grammar, style, and lexical (word) choice. Our guidance is based on the criteria outlined by Admissions Committees.
$ 0.99 

Background-Based Essay Editing

Feedback on content and construct of writing based on your unique background and experiences. Our guidance is tailored to the admission criteria of each school.
$ 400 

Final Application Review

Honest and direct feedback on your final draft, straight from admissions experts who have been there and done that. We help you enhance grammar, clarity, and content to make your application stand out.
$ 1,500 

Letter of Recommendation Strategy

Our admissions expert provides personalized phone-based guidance on how to select and support recommenders for each business school.
$ 500 

School-Specific Interview Simulation

Senior members of our team recreate the interview experience and provide feedback on content, intonation, and voice modulation.
$ 700 

Waitlist Strategy

Receive tactical phone-based guidance from our expert team on how to communicate with the Admissions Committee and convert your waitlist into an admit.
$ 500 

Ding Analysis

Improve your chances of success when you re-apply by getting an admissions expert's take on what you could have done better based on a comprehensive analysis of all application documents and test scores.
$ 500 

Our EMBA Results Speak for Themselves

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Hear From Inspira Alumni

“I would not have gotten into Harvard Business School without help from Inspira. I went to a non-target undergrad and my work experience was at a non-blue chip company, so I did not think that I had a chance at a top school. But Inspira’s team has such a well-structured process that they made the stressful MBA application feel straightforward. They helped me decide which schools to target, showed me how to look at my history to find the best stories to use in my essays, and even shared advice on how to pick the best recommenders. Each phase of the journey was catered to serve my needs. I am so thankful for the Inspira team!”


GMAT Score: 730
GPA: 3.5
Accepted to:

“I spoke with a bunch of admission firms before deciding to work with Inspira. The Inspira team seemed uniquely well-qualified, dedicated, and truly passionate about ensuring their candidates get into their dream schools. The consultant I worked with understood my professional background so well that just through the introductory call she was able to give me pointers on how to craft my story - all before we even started a formal engagement. I found that the biggest difference between Inspira and other groups is that the Inspira team is made up of former adcom members and senior industry professionals from relevant industries who can craft a compelling story based on my work. My background is in management consulting, so I really appreciated getting to work with a former Parthenon EY consultant who knew how to articulate those experiences on my application. I think this help was crucial in getting into Booth, where I will be going this fall!”


GMAT Score: 710
GPA: 3.6
Accepted to:

"I was originally working with a different MBA admissions group, but ended up switching to Inspira Futures only five weeks before the Stanford deadline. It seemed risky at the time, but I ended up being so glad I made the change! Inspira went above and beyond, even working with me on weekends and evenings to ensure that my application was perfect. We went through multiple rounds of revisions and the Inspira team was always willing to hop on a call to brainstorm ways to include new anecdotes or ways to rephrase the experiences on my resume. They created such a friendly environment that I never worried if I was asking too many questions or asking for too much support in such a short time frame. Thank you so much guys!"


GMAT Score: 700
GPA: 3.7
Accepted to:

“The Inspira team are really skilled storytellers and can find a way to create an intriguing narrative for even the most stereotypical candidate. I studied economics in undergrad at Yale, spent two years in banking, and now work in PE. I struggled to write a story that differentiated myself from my peers (who I knew were also applying to the same schools) and did not know how to make my path seem more unique. When I began working with Inspira, they spent a whole week just learning about my story and asking questions that got me to think in new ways about my life decisions. They used these conversations to create a persona doc, where they outlined my own personal history but in a way that was distinct and showed a clear path of professional progress. This really helped reframe my perspective of my own experience and enabled me to write application documents that showed why I was a unique applicant and why I was a good fit for my top schools. Their help with storytelling was a game changer for me!”


GMAT Score: 720
GPA: 3.4
Accepted to:

"No marketing, no salesy bs. Inspira is a pure results-oriented admission consulting firm. I worked with them on applications for 4 schools and was so impressed with their honest approach. Their advice on school selection was spot on and was backed by data and sound reasoning. The team that helped me with my applications included a former adcom member from HBS, a writing expert from Wharton, and my graduate coach, who has an IB background like me. No other firm has such a strong team and this was clearly reflected in how good my application turned out to be. Their inside information was incredibly helpful, and many of the questions that the HBS interview panel asked me were the same ones that Inspira had prepared me for. I was so impressed by their insights into the business schools."


GMAT Score: 740
GPA: 3.6
Accepted to:

"I spoke with 12 MBA admission consultants. Each firm used the “free 30-minute consultation” to sell their services and urged me to wire $10,000, whereas Inspira's call focused only on my background and the "Why" behind my decision to pursue an MBA. On top of that, unlike every other firm, Inspira DOES NOT ask for full upfront payment. They only charged me on a per-go basis which allowed me to manage my cash flow. They were incredibly flexible with my hectic schedule and the quality of their work was top-notch. I got into Wharton with a $92,000 scholarship!"


GMAT Score: 740
GPA: 3.5
Accepted to:

"Inspira has such an extensive network of former adcom members and current interview panel members that their advice and intimate knowledge of the inner workings of business schools is a gold mine of information. Their team worked extensively with me to position each application in a way that met the specific criteria of each business school. Also, there were no restrictions on the number of edits or calls that I could ask for. This created such an open environment to discuss new ideas rather than being worried about the time on the clock."


GMAT Score: 710
GPA: 3.4
Accepted to:

“I was initially hesitant to get a consultant and spend that extra money, but on a whim decided to speak to an Inspira consultant for the 30 minute free consultation. I was really impressed by their deep knowledge of the MBA admissions process and their ability to talk me through my history in order to quickly identify accomplishments and anecdotes to highlight on my application. I ended up applying to six schools through Inspira, and got into all of them! Looking back, the investment was worth it because I don’t think I would have been able to get into my top choices without their help and I would’ve regretted not giving the process my all. I’m so excited for my next steps and am so grateful for the help of the Inspira team!”


GMAT Score: 690
GPA: 3.3
Accepted to:

"As an international student from China, I was completely new to the MBA application process for US B schools. I really liked Inspira’s onboarding process which helps candidates like me get familiar with what different business schools are looking for. They also matched me with a consultant who perfectly understood what I needed. My consultant had work experience in China (and even spoke Mandarin!) and went to school in the US, so he was able to quickly identify differences in Chinese versus American application processes to make sure I didn’t make any of the mistakes common for international applicants. My consultant even helped develop a guide for my recommenders, who had limited experience writing the types of recommendations that schools like HBS expect. With their help I was able to frame my international experiences in a way that the HBS committee would not only understand but see as an asset for their incoming class. I would not have got into Harvard without his help!"


GMAT Score: 730
GPA: 3.8
Accepted to:

"I started with Inspira in order to review an application for one school and thought that all I needed was a quick review for structure in order to calm my nerves about the process. Once I started with Inspira, I realized I could really take all of my applications to the next level. My team was able to dissect my ideas in a way that I hadn’t been able to see and they connected the dots between my experiences so that I was able to present a coherent story in my application. My consultant really took the time to understand what I was trying to convey and tag teamed well with former adcom members on Inspira’s team to provide me a real life evaluation angle. I also loved the way that the team did not hesitate to push me. They demanded perfection but stayed supportive and encouraging. I am certain that I would not have received a scholarship to Columbia if it was not for their help. Working with Inspira was the best decision I made through the whole MBA process!"


GMAT Score: 720
GPA: 3.8
Accepted to:

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