Ding Analysis

Getting dinged is hard. But it’s also an opportunity to bounce back stronger. Based on a thorough diagnostic analysis of each aspect of your application, we help you understand why you got dinged and what you could’ve improved so that whenever you apply, be it in the next round or next year, you have a leg up against your peers.
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Review your entire application package

We do a complete assessment of each aspect of your application, right from your essays to test scores. This allows us to understand your background and recommend a tactical improvement plan that aligns with your experiences and strengths.
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Receive actionable suggestions for how to improve your application

Based on the review of your documents, we provide actionable next steps and create a framework to radically improve your application. Our approach covers everything from how to write better essays to what types of extra-curricular activities you should pursue.
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A unique approach for each institution

Each Admissions Committee is looking for unique characteristics when deciding who to accept. We help you create an application strategy that takes all these factors into consideration.
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Brainstorm ideas with our Experienced Admissions Experts

An expert from our team will schedule a 60-minute call to discuss each aspect of the communication plan in detail. We will answer any and all questions you might have.

Our Extensive Ding Analysis Experience

Dinged candidates supported
Went from being dinged to accepted in the future
Criteria based on which we assess dinged applications

Hear From Inspira Alumni

“After I got rejected from my top schools in R1, I spoke with Arush at Inspira to learn why my application was lacking. He went in-depth with me on all aspects of my application and focused on tactical advice that I could implement in time for future applications. No fluffy motivational BS! I took his advice for the next application cycle, and made it into Ross this year!”


GMAT Score: 730
GPA: 3.7
Accepted to:
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“Learning from mistakes and not repeating them is the fastest way to grow. Inspira helped me identify those weak areas of my application and also advised me on how to make it stronger. Botong was such a nice person to work with, and was constantly reminding me of my strengths and areas where I needed to build new skills. I am so ready to go this time with the new approach.”


GMAT Score: 710
GPA: 3.2
Accepted to:
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“I initially went into my call with Inspira thinking it would just be a quick review of my application to assess why I was rejected by my target schools. By the end of the call, we had created a short-term career roadmap that covered everything from how to approach projects at my firm to getting involved with social causes and how to change my application for next year. I followed through on their advice, and got into Tuck this time around!”


GMAT Score: 680
GPA: 3.5
Accepted to:
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“I was referred to Inspira by my friend who had worked with them for his application to INSEAD. I had applied to INSEAD as well, but was rejected - which I was surprised by because I thought my 750 GMAT and 3.8 GPA made me a competitive applicant. The ding analysis helped me clearly understand that my personal story is way more important than scores. The advice I got on how I could have focused on the ‘Why’ behind my decisions was crucial, and when I had the chance to implement that advice I got into INSEAD. This fall I will be joining my buddy in Fontainebleau!”


GMAT Score: 750
GPA: 3.8
Accepted to:
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“Over the last 6 months I have worked so hard to build a solid profile for Wharton - and I finally got in! Inspira was so helpful throughout this journey, from Arush’s ding analysis last year to the final review package this year. When I read my application from last year I can’t believe what I wrote because it was just so bland. Arush’s ding review provided me a clear path towards making a more competitive application and was full of encouragement of new things to try before applying again. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who wants a second chance at their dream school!” 


GMAT Score: 700
GPA: 3.2
Accepted to:
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Let's Do a Ding Analysis to See What We Can Improve Before Applying Again

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You Are Just a Step Away From Coming Back Stronger

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Ding Analysis

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Do I need this service?

Each year, a vast majority of the applicants who apply to business school get dinged. Most of them re-apply next year or apply to additional schools in subsequent rounds. But did you know, the re-applicant acceptance rate is lower than the overall acceptance rate at almost every top institution?

Getting dinged raises the bar you have to meet to get accepted. If you are re-applying, you need a very compelling narrative for why you should be selected. Not only do you need to re-write your essays and craft a narrative that uses the same experiences as before, but you also need to answer a question about what has changed since you last applied. It’s a delicate dance.

If you dream of going to a top business school and don’t want to make the same (or different) mistakes, this service is for you. We help you surface critical gaps and give you ideas on ways to fill them.

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Who analyzes my application?

Your application is reviewed by our superstar team of Graduate Coaches, writing experts, and former Admissions Committee members. The process starts off with an assessment of your overall story and leadership experiences.

Next, our team reviews your application's grammar, sentence structure, and tone. This includes an analysis of how easy it is to read your essays and short answers. The best-written documents are usually written in simple English. Overly literary or academic text never works well.

Finally, our team reviews your entire application including test scores, undergraduate transcripts, essays, resume, and reference letters (if available) to provide holistic feedback on what you can improve before reapplying.

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I made it to the interview and got dinged. Will this service still be helpful?

Yes! Even after your interview, the final decision is made based on your entire application, not just the interview. There is a possibility that you aced your interview but in conjunction with other parts of your application, there was still something lacking.

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What has success been like for applicants who’ve used this service in the past?

Applicants who use this service often go on to work with us through our All-Inclusive Service. They are 5.5x more likely to get accepted at a top 10 school. Several go on to attend Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, or Wharton, among other top schools.

We Are Here For You.

Plan Smart. Execute Strong. Get Into Your Dream School.
Have questions for us? Email us at ding@inspirafutures.com with anything you need.
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